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I’m so mad, I just about want to slam my right hand in my flat’s door! Kidding.

Right then.  We need need to go back in time a bit to explain, this; my next pathetic excuse for not getting back to you all by now.

I had a couple of adventures with Accessible Transit this past week.  It was all pretty exciting.  Very unexpected too, so that just added to the adrenaline rush.

I had a big ass Simple partial seizure while waiting to be picked up.  Thankfully the driver soon arrived to hold me as it was one of those “whole-body volcano” types.  My consciousness was okay though.  I could get my words out to him in brief.  We were even laughing about it later.

I was like, “Great timing, huh?” He told me as soon as he saw me, “Oh! I guess that’s my pickup! Look at her!”

But that’s not the real problem.  I had to use them again the next day.  When getting out of the door, I couldn’t get the door shut.  I pushed it as hard as I could, but then lost my balance with my cane a bit.  WHAM! Wee PA hand, get caught in very hard door.

I guess I didn’t scream loudly enough, as the taxi driver just took off.  If something happens, they’re supposed to see if you’re alright first, and then report any accidents or incidents that occur.

I went to my appt, bandaged a small cut and started icing immediately.  Things were already starting to turn purple faster and faster before my eyes.

I had some extra time before the pickup for my drive home, so I ran as fast as I could with Wonder Cane’s brother (not very fast) to a drugstore close by.  I bought a Tensor bandage and a sling.  A big “DON’T MESS WITH MY HAND AND ARM!” sign, and also good for Ms. Klutzy who could bang it around all over on her own.

And thus, typing is difficult.  I am trying to hold up my tiny phone to write this, and my left hand (the injured one) will have none of it.  It is merely holding the other side! If it didn’t hurt so much, it would slap me across the face if I tried to make it type!

So once again, I suck.  I could try “one handed typing” with all of you on my blog, but I really don’t feel comfortable with that.  I don’t know any of you that well, really.  So, apologies there, as well.

EDIT: It looks like I’ve now had to do some one handed typing with myself.  This wouldn’t complete several actions to publish on my phone.  So, now I have baby MacBook out with all its gear.  I can use the hand a bit, but not for long.  I’ll have some tea, then unwrap it and see what happens.  If nothing happens on my blog, you’ll know why.

Thank you, any patient and precious readers that I have left.  Seriously.

PA who keeps screaming wolf.