Happy Birthday PA

I mentioned before that I’d miss this for a boatload of reasons.  Collectively, we’ll just call it me behaving here “sporadically.”

This blog was launched on November 23, 2006.  Five years up and running.  I have no idea how or why.

Thank you so much to everyone.  It doesn’t matter if you are old or new, a lurker or someone from those past five years.  This blog would not exist unless a single person (excluding myself) had ever read it.


  1. Congratulations… so, without the hits, your blog wouldn’t make a sound if it fell in a forest?

    I owe you an email or twelve.


  2. Hi Gabriel…. How are you babe? I should have shown up for your blog’s birthday too as we’re basically spot on.

    My hits? Yeah, whatever. Although, I’ll probably make a post when I get to 200,000. Not just for the fact that I like round numbers, but a bit of a landmark there?

    You owe me an email or twelve? Well, the last one I sent (if you got it) is the most important. But same boat. If you owe me twelve, I owe you eleven.



  3. belated happy blog-birthday…. x


  4. Hi Ruby. Thanks. Happy Belated Everything?

    Belated Post. Belated Comment Left. Belated Response.



  5. Happy birthday PA. I seem to recall persuading you to move from blogger to WP all those years ago. Not sure if that was a good thing or not. Time flies doesnt it?


  6. Hi darkentries. Thanks. I know. How the hell have I managed to keep this “thing” alive for so long?

    Yes, back in the day, it was you, Gabriel… and Sisyphus (who’s no longer around) who persuaded me to migrate. I was so glad I did!

    Actually, PA still exists on Blogger! I’m not letting it go because I’m paranoid someone is going to take my name and use it there! *laughs*

    Okay, I’m wiped. Surprised I did all my comments. Gravol. Barfy. Yes, sick now if you read my last response to you. Was going to, but can’t post now.

    I’m going to email you about the tech. stuff. Nobody will care to read it here!


  7. Hello my old friend. I’ve missed you. Found some great things on your blog….AWOD. I would like to get back in contact, I haven’t done much with http://www.manicviolet.wordpress.com, and started http://www.cabinetofminerals.blogspot.com and http://www.pheutur.wordpress.com, not sure direction to take….thinking infelicities to be cured. ;) Email me kenzicahlander@yahoo.com. xoxo


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