I AM SO PISSED OFF! I also think I’m allowed to scream right now.  I must drag myself down to the shop where I got my Data Stick and my phone.  The phone works just fine (so far…grrrr.)  However, I will no longer put up with my shitty, fucking connection! I probably didn’t know it sucked the dribbling piss of rabid skunks after they’d already sprayed, since I haven’t been online for so long.

Yesterday, it took me a full day to do a few things that would only (should only) have taken a few hours.  And speaking of hours, several days ago I was on the phone with their Customer Service Dept.  I thought we’d made some progress as the damn thing wasn’t even set up properly on baby MacBook’s Network.  Thank you ISP employees.  Thank you product too, as you came with no instructions.

They didn’t listen to me regarding the the further Network problem (as they couldn’t get any further than what we did as far as Macs.)  I kept telling them what I think is the problem.  If it exists on my end at all.  I’ve done everthing.  Even REDONE everything on their end! I even repaired my HD (good anyway as I thought I was going to lose it.)  All repaired.

But the weirdness is this.  Somehow, in trying to secure a connection with my Airport over a year ago, one has “stuck.”  The data stick connects to it.  I never could do it with my Airport (which of course I’m not using now!)

I’ve tried to make it inactive, delete it, secured the changes, done.  Delete, gone from baby MacBook.  And so, restart everything, even to the point of the stick’s software, pulling out the SIM so it “knows” the change.  Then, unbelievable!

The Data Stick is shown on my Network.  It always has been.  But when I’m given the prompt for my password to connect to it (since I locked up the delete) the Stick brings it back!

And what’s even more bizarre is that it says I’m connected to that Network via an Ethernet Cable. O_o

I am using a USB Hub because the ports are too close on baby MacBook, but that is NOT an Ethernet Cable to a Network! And it’s a goddamn Data Stick!

Finally, it MUST be their problem somehow.  The Stick or the SIM is defective? If I try to connect to it via my own Network Settings on baby MacBook, I get an error regarding them?

I need to do this today.  Otherwise, I may not be able to for a while.  I’m heading straight into the vortex of my Typical Absence Status Epilepticus right now! I guess the increase to 80mg isn’t really doing the job? Well, maybe a bit better? Just have to see as this is the first day of the insanity.

I should take a bath.  Where’s the tub? Have to write up my long list of notes for these fucktards so they can get what’s really going on, too.


  1. Errr, must finish letter to you that I started over a month ago. @.@ I’ll get to it soon…ish. >.> Must find a new time when I can look like I’m taking notes while writing… Also must find notepad.


  2. hey Pa. Just checking in. I hope you’re doing ok?


  3. Hi Canageek. Oh, you are so sweet. Don’t rush. There’s no hurry.

    God, I still haven’t sent you anything. Little stuff like my brain and body continually falling apart gets in the way. Ending up bedridden because of it sometimes, and losing all of my faculties. No big deal? Is that alright for an “excuse?” *rolls eyes*

    Hi darkentries. Oh, I have missed you so much! *jumps as high as I can to get into your arms* But I fail, so you just pick me up and spin me around!

    I was thinking about you recently, so it’s funny you should stop by. It was mostly for technical reasons but…no, the whole bag of tricks.

    Doing okay? Well, from the comment to Canageek, not so hot. There’s loads of information about it on my blog, but essentially, I lost access to my Clobazam due to suppliers not getting it to pharmacies. I had to quit it cold turkey!!! I’ve been in epilepsy hell since the beginning of June.

    You can read more if you like. Just search it out. I’m still physically sick, so fucked in the head, still having withdrawal seizures–even though we increased the dose. God, I had two damn seizures a few days ago!

    I knew it needed to be increased anyway, but it’s catamenial so I have to give it monthly attempts. I can’t change when I get my period and when I ovulate! This drug is for a syndrome I have–not just “regular” seizures. They’ve been fine for quite some time.

    So, that’s the “immediate” how am I. I tried to keep it brief, but all of it? I’d have to write you 5,000 emails. Plus, I could throw in other things. Lots of “life stuff” has changed, too.

    I should email you. Although, it may sap my energy for the entire day! *shakes head* Give my love to K. too.



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