MP3 of the Moment Fixed

I had a chance to talk to Server Boy and we managed to sort out the problem.  At lest well enough, as things are now running.  One outstanding issue, but I’ll see what he says.  Still, it’s not impacting function as it was before.

So, if it’s working for me, it should be for you.  The ftp LIED!!!

“Fallen Angel” by Alphaville

  1. This was a very nice post. I enjoyed reading your blog today very much.

    Love to write?


  2. Hi Writing Jobs. Thank you very much for reading my blog and letting me know that you enjoy it.

    Yes, I do enjoy writing. I have been published before.

    Normally, I don’t change my commenters’ responses. I let them say what they wish, but I am going to remove your link. I really wouldn’t want either of us to get spammed to death.

    Also, even though I don’t see you as a threat to my readers (another reason I alter comments) today, I’m not in the mood to have someone promote their own business on my blog.

    Maybe a week from this this Thursday?


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