I Can’t Connect but Maybe That’s Just Fine

I went the furthest out on my own today. Yes, alone, not in a car, accessible transit…fucking blah, blah.

I had necessary things to do which meant no choice, so also sort out my ISP and computer problems? Guess what.

My data stick was fucked (yes, I knew that, thank you very much.)  But the loaner? OMG. The same. I refuse to believe this is a Mac problem.

Now I’m sitting in my local cafe/pub that has free Wi-Fi. Guess what again. *tries one more time*

Oh! Well, will every wonder we ever wonder about cease to give us migraines? I refuse to believe that as well. At least I have the Wi-Fi here now.

But they’re closing in a half hour. *head desk* Sending this via my phone sucks.


  1. Thanks for sharing this post. Very nice job. Blogging can be very relaxing.


  2. Hi Writing Jobs. I find your comment rather odd, here. I certainly wasn’t very “relaxed” when I wrote the above post!

    Is blogging relaxing? I’ve actually never found it so. No.

    I’m curious about you actually wanting to advertise your “business” or whatever it is you’d like from people. Yes, right here in the comment section of my blog.

    Well, I don’t think that’s very professional, but maybe you find it “relaxing.” I also rarely edit my commenters’ writing, but I deleted your website address. I was worried you’d be inundated with spam!



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