I’m not a Stats Whore.  Far from it.  However, I logged on today to delete my mounting Spam.  The more days I am away, it actually reaches three digit levels! And with the problems due to my ISP, maybe if the speed is okay, I can get them all done within a normal person’s workday.

Numbers.  Yes.  Where I originated.  I looked and I saw I reached over 200,000.  So, thank you everyone.

It’s even more of a feat to roll the odometer that much right now.  I’ve been trying to drive this broken down, lemon, and there’s not been much success in a long time.  Hell, I think I’m some sort of broken down, piece of fruit, at this point too.

Nonetheless, thanks for getting me to 200,000.  It also makes me happy because I have a strong affinity for round numbers.  Probably an Aspie thing. *nods*

NOTE: My ISP is moldy fruit! I had to make a small change it it took me about a half hour! NO connection at some points!


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