No, I was! Make a decent post? That was after I could move.  I think it took about two hours.  Maybe longer?

I wasn’t completely paralyzed.  But Todd’s paresis can be a weakening to any degree, right up to complete paralysis.  It occurs in the area of the body affected after a seizure.  I’ve been all the way from some minor loss of motor control for a short period, right up to total paralysis for a few hours.

But I was gonna write a post.  I have ideas for them.  Even a good one after what happened today?

Another seizure while waiting for the Accessible Transit to arrive! That’s TWO TIMES now.  I do not want this to become a pattern.  I mean, what gives?

It was a full body explosion, too! I was really going! Hence the Todd’s being pretty bad.  Coming home, I was walking so slowly, my feet were all twisted inward, my legs were so heavy, you could hear my footsteps as stomps!

So, inside, lie down on the bed, dope myself up, try not to think and relax (some good music for that?) But I found it SO hard to move! Then, I thought, let’s try to make that post.  Wow! I could actually sit up! The Todd’s was affecting me from the neck down, but as it descended it got worse.  My legs were a mess.  Now, shall we try crawling walking to the bathroom? I was consuming immense quantities of water as Gravol can really dehydrate you.

So here I am, making a post about not making the post I was going to post, because of what prevented that post from being posted.  Just so you know, the post that should have been posted and not have been replaced by this post, was about how my epilepsy has affected me.  And no.  Not how it makes me sick.  About my life.

And no.  It probably wouldn’t have been written in ridiculous run on sentences, interspersed with others of only a few words.  I’m just doing that here because I think it’s funny.  You may not.

But it took me over an hour to respond to two people.  At least that must mean my vision is coming back somewhat?  However, the Todd’s is still hanging on! My walking is pretty disastrous.


  1. I really feel for you. I used to have seizures when i was a teenager. Medication did help but I had to change my diet. Once I did that the seizures stopped. I don’t know if that would work for you, but it did for me.


  2. I don’t know if I’ve had seizures have you; but my electrolytes have gone out of whack and I’ve fallen to the ground in convulsions a few times, enough to land me in the ER twice, and once in the Cardiovascular unit for over a week. Anyway, I don’t think seizures was the point.

    Your posts are brilliant! Ahead of the curve. Sharp ahead!


  3. Hi again Barbara. Thank you. I really appreciate that.

    I’ve never tried anything like diet, as my seizures were controlled by medication, so all was fine. This is a different story, however, so let me give you some background information.

    I was laid off/made redundant from my job almost four years ago. Wow, I can hardly believe it’s been that long! Anyway, when that happened, prior controlled seizures (that weren’t so bad) became really bad. Everything went completely haywire. Nonetheless, we managed to get things under control again.

    Fast forward to the present. I have developed an “Epilepsy Syndrome.” It’s very serious as it completely debilitates me. It took a long time to figure out what that was, but we were successful in fixing that. I was basically stable, so just see if anything gets worse?

    In June of 2011, I had to stop the med I was on specifically for this syndrome, cold turkey. You NEVER do that unless it’s an emergency! What’s worse, there are no alternatives re: medical stuff.

    Why I had to quit it cold turkey? The suppliers of the med couldn’t get it into any pharmacies. I have NEVER heard of this before, nor have I EVER had a problem gaining access to my meds! Long story re: suppliers etc.

    I’m finally back on it, but it’s not working at my same dose. So, we need to keep increasing it. That’s the basic story why I’m currently in Epilepsy Hell.

    Hey nadamadison. Been a long time! By the way, I did get your other comment. It got caught in Akismet from all the links. I did a cut and paste, and just emailed it to myself so I still have all the information.

    To have your electrolytes drop down to such a level, that it looks like you’re having a tonic-clonic? Or maybe in fact you are? Not that it is epilepsy per se, but not so good health-wise! In fact, it’s extremely scary!

    A lot of things can cause seizures to happen when a person doesn’t have epilepsy. Absolutely! I won’t even bother to list them all, as this response would be huge and incomplete, as I’d miss loads of them anyway!

    A week in Cardio? Anything noted?

    At the very least, if this is a chronic problem, I would say regular blood work and if needed supplementation! You could end up like me, all retarded and stupid. I’ve nearly split my skull in half from falling so many times!

    Seizures as the point? Oh, sure! Make anything the point! You know I ramble on, deviate from my own points on a regular basis.

    As for my posts? What the hell have you been reading? I’ve been so sick, I haven’t even been making any! *laughing*


  4. jessica

    I’m having some pregnancy symptoms and i took a test and it showed up positive. But i went to the doc and the urine test showed up negative. So they did a blood test to make sure and i find out the results tomorrow morning. I’m so nervous to find out. I’m having back pain, stomach pain. Discharge out of my boobs and emotional and cravings. The doc is concerned bout me being pregnant cause of all the side affects i’m having and the urine test showed up negative. I guess my question you think my blood test will show up positve if one of the test i took said positive???


  5. Hi jessica. I’m sorry. I really can’t help you as I am not a doctor. Please keep working with all of yours as they are professionals.


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