Well, somehow I can connect to the Internet today when I actually had NO connection yesterday.  Just when I felt like I had enough energy to tackle a few things online…nope! Now, I’m up and running (so far) but I have to dash out to an appt. soon.  So I’ll try to at least get this up quickly.  Uber-importante? Then I’ll try and get back to other people.

Last night, there was a documentary on television about individuals who had lost their twins.  It was also about fraternal twins.  I’ve always had this “feeling” I was a frat.  I had no clue, but thank my beautiful friend P. who found out about it a few days ago and told me.  Oh, I’m so happy he told me and I saw it (and kind of not?) Ouch.

No, happy.  It wasn’t just about a twin that died later in life, but a twin that died in utero!!! That’s my situation!!! They are now trying to do more research about it, as hardly any has been done! It’s been totally neglected.  Ouch again! And a bad pun.

I tried to contact my mother to tape it as my VCR is all messed up.  I have so many pieces of electronics tethered and daisy chained all over to everything, and now this Digital Cable Box! I’ve never even tried to tape anything with it anyway, so it could be incapable period.  I can’t record a DVD on either my regular or All Region one. *rolls eyes*  Since I had no Internet, I couldn’t even look up anything about it either!

I tried to take notes with my broken brain as I watched.  However, some people were not speaking in English so there were subtitles.  Great.

Read, try to think, then look down at paper with a pen.  Although, now you’ve just forgotten what the point was altogether.  Improvise? Guess? Oh, crap! The person’s still talking! You’ve missed more of the subtitles! Time to do this all over again!

I did catch a couple of very important names (but missed another!) One was a writer to do with it all, I think.  It stated the title of the documentary beside her name.  The other? Oh, this Dr./Professor who has done so much research into all of this!

Now that I have Internet access, I am Googling these two women.  Ouch for the third time.

My appt. today should be just joyful, cute baby kittens, and a really festive occasion! Ah, I’m in therapy, folks.  That’s another post I’ve been meaning to write! *head desk 45 times then moves on to walls* Partly this Internet (beyond) fiasco, but much more than partly–me being too sick.

So, that’s that.  Unbelievable.  I NEVER would have found out what I’m learning if I didn’t see that show.  As ouchie as it may be, that’s where therapy comes in.  It’s biggest purpose is to deal with our “ouchies.”  But with me, I was thinking of my particular case.  How will this work out with all my comorbidities in some of what was said? Ouch #4!

  1. I have no idea how these statistics have been determined, but I read somewhere that 70% of pregnancies are multiples. That’s astounding! Apparently, twin fetuses are often absorbed in the first two to three months.


  2. Hi Barbara altman. I was (prior to the show) going mad to find so much information. In fact, I’ve done it all my life. However, it’s now a serious issue so let’s see how medical science has progressed.

    Ugh. I was seeing nothing (mostly) to such variances. Apart from any per centages or numbers, the most important thing to remember is this:

    Wait. There are SO many important things to remember during a woman’s first and beginning of second trimester. Reason being: that is when things are the most critical, and when the biggest problems can occur (hence, quite high rates of miscarriages–or spontaneous abortions–happen then as well.)

    Everything matters right then and it can be so fast. Problems? Ectopic? Chromosomal anomalies, cleavage problems? Just where and when is the embryo “sticking” and WTF?

    There are other things. Hormones, infections, diet…OMG. There are also very specific reasons why my wee (maybe?) frat didn’t make it. My mother’s hormones had been nightmares ever since she began menses! I can’t remember, but being in Pakistan, was she sick?

    Diet, too? All crazy! Not North American so not getting enough nutrients from their cuisine?

    Oh, bother! I could keep going on!

    I’ll never know the facts 100%. But since it’s been talked about ever since I’ve been alive (haha I’VE been alive) it must be true.


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