PA? PA? Can You Hear Us…? PA…?

Hey kids.  My Internet problems have reached epic proportions.  I REFUSE to use my Data Stick from my current provider anymore.  Things have gone from bad to worse.  And I mean worse.

The very first thing I will be doing is visiting a Mac shop.  I went to this one before, and they were very good.  They are small and not like the bigger “Authorized Apple Dealers.”  In fact, when I was there several years ago, they said hang on to your receipt.  We’ll give you 50% off…  I can’t remember, but if something’s wrong, 50% off anything is great!

There’s also my battery problem that is outstanding.  Hmmm.  Well, whatever.  My battery takes a back seat to this!

I wrote this post earlier when I was already pretty pissed off.  I didn’t even get into all of the problems in it.  There were too many!

Initially, they were mostly just annoying (endless hangs, multiple refreshes, slow…slow…slow…)  Then it just kept sinking further into technology hell.

Dropping connections altogether, completely non-functional with gmail (gmail?) period.  Even to the point of losing information within emails.  I had to copy everything to paste it later, as things wouldn’t save as a draft properly! At least later I found out that my phone caught all the drafts! However, not so convenient to use your phone when you’ve got a lengthy email to send!

I have NEVER seen so many spinning beach balls in my life.  Before using the Data Stick? No problems.  It would get to points where I would have to first, restart baby MacBook.  Then, I had to shutdown baby MacBook! Every single thing would freeze.  No choice but to hold down the damn power button and pray.  I couldn’t even Force Quit anything running! HI BEACH BALL!!!

I cannot tell you how many times I nuked the software for it, reinstalled, took the SIM card out.  In the midst, verify/repair baby MacBook’s Disk.  Hell! I even went through all Permissions! I can’t read or understand any of what it said, but…



I later turned on baby MacBook to do something else and was not connected to the Internet at all.  When I logged on, what did I see? O_o  All the folders on my Desktop (and I had a lot of them) were completely scattered in disarray! They were all on top of each other.  You couldn’t even read the names of some.  I didn’t move or even blink for a very long time.

Oh, but that wasn’t all.  What’s up with my screen? Why are there two black bars running up and down each side? At that point, I wanted to scream in horror!!!


I tried to fix things as best I could.  I am FAR from a techie.  I searched for ages, vowing to find any other piece of shit to delete, apart from the basic software required for the Data Stick.  I did find something.  I have no idea how.

Things still aren’t right though.  Again, more Disk Utility…how many times have I…?

So basically, I have no clue when I’ll be here.  Heh.  That’s usually my state of mind in life anyway. *wry grin*

Seriously.  I’m zipping along with the free Wi-Fi a block away from my place.  I’m going to have to find a new provider.  Also, I can’t get out every day.  I’m still sick! My phone’s fine.  I’ll see all of you there.  You just may not be able to see me back.


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