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Is it possible to be fuming, almost to the point where people are ready to reach for fire extinguishers, yet paranoid at the same time? Welcome to my world.

In the beginning…no, I’m not going to give you biblical quotes.  There may be too much profanity within this post.  Although, what can profanity do now?


Actually, there’s enough profanity in the first post of the saga.

Then, we moved on to the second post of the saga. Here, things definitely got a lot worse and quite frightening.

Now, here we are, sitting at the top of an apogee in terror (and let’s not forget that fiery anger too, right?) However, it may not really be an apogee.  Or, it actually is, and I’ll just never slide back down.

Within that second post, I went to use my computer later in the day with no Internet.  My entire Desktop was in complete disarray, and I had two lovely, black bars running vertically up and down on each side.  Wow! I can hold baby MacBook almost upside down and I get a wonderful look at horrific chaos as a film in widescreen!

Now, the damage.  So far, it’s only my display and I’m praying nothing more.  No matter what I do, how many changes I make (or try) it’s irreparable.  IT’S FUCKED.  I’ll never get things back to normal.  The motherfucking (there’s some profanity!) Data Stick has nuked baby MacBook’s Hard Disk (or part thereof.)

I made it down to my preferred Mac shop and the guy couldn’t fix anything either.  Christ! Even typing up this post is all screwed! It’s gone so far as to view my blog in FF as all itty bitty??? And yet, my gmail is fine.  Reading my blog itself looks alright.

As soon as I can, I’m heading straight to my ISPs shop and tell them to shove their Data Sticks right up their stupid, fat asses. Then, have them each drink a bottle of castor oil, and shit them out for their other customers!

I’ve got a good line on another ISP.  I’ll probably go with them.  The guy in the Mac shop highly recommended them.  However, first? I need to pick up some cases of castor oil.