Hi kids.

I’ve finally got my Internet set up back at home.  It’s ALL totally Wi-Fi.

When tech dude finished hacking into the Matrix, I was surprised to find that I now have two choices.  I can still use my previous network set up on my router.  Kinda duh, as I was expecting the same set up from them as before.  Plug everything in, and you’ve got miniature, daisy chain, spaghetti.  Not so.  Since they gave me a wireless one, I can use it as another, wee PA, network too!

I was reluctant, of course.  I don’t trust ISPs, and even worse, dumb, tech people! He didn’t even give me the chance, to give their router my own security password!

Anyway, the point of having two allows me to see which one is faster.  Then, Bob’s your uncle, someone else in your family, someone you know or once met, or…  Well, at least he’s a palindrome.

So, that’s been tackled.  And so have I.

Did I tell you that I figured out my lovely Typical Absence Status Epilepticus can actually bring on some positively, fabbo Todd’s paresis? Why, yes! It definitely can!

ASIDE: For those of you who don’t know, TASE is an epileptic syndrome I have that is a form of Non-convulsive Status Epilepticus.  I can keep seizing for a week or so (it lasts long for me) and nobody can tell.  Not even me.  That’s because you can’t see me seizing! I just feel disgustingly ill.

Continuing, I told Non-Arsey Neuro that it just HAD to make sense.  Because I’m sitting here (yes, right now as I am typing) merrily seizing away.  I wasn’t feeling so great earlier.  Not at all! I was just lying in bed and watching television.  But right before tech dude came, I completely fell apart (almost literally.)

My legs could barely support me at all, my brain blew up in terms of any possible thinking or just…well, anything! I’m waiting on a possible, mood explosion, at any moment.  Is that coming down the tracks, as well? I can guarantee you did not want to see me last night.  Or maybe you did because I really needed help.  TOTAL (ASPIE) MELTDOWN.  I wrote “(ASPIE)” because it’s sometimes hard to disseminate my Asperger’s behaviour with everything else going completely haywire.

So.  Now I can get online with no problems.  Well, except for being sick.  However, I am here at home, so I’ll be getting back to all you hopefully a lot sooner.  It will be easier because I couldn’t leave the house for days on end.  Although, there still is the issue of baby MacBook needing repairs.  That might have to wait anyway, as I don’t think I can afford it now.

Thank you all,

Going to resty, resty now.  Writing this has taken me hours!

Rx: Cane required at all times. Dimenhydrinate prn every 4hrs. max. 100mg or 50mg in divided dose. Diazepam prn 5mg max. twice daily.

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