Archive for March 22nd, 2012

I’m definitely not up to writing a long, serious, not-even-serious, I-sound-like-I’m-on-LSD-post.  However, now that I finally have home Stinkernet, I can stream a new song! Although, I’m so tired, even doing this will be laborious.  Even though it’s ridiculously simple.

I’m actually dumping the CD (and song) into iTunes now.  I was just listening to it.  I thought it was there! I don’t know about the rest of you people, but I’ve noticed after giving a CD another listen after years or something, you’ll say, “Oh, my what? That’s awesome! How come I didn’t like that before?

Bizarre.  Okay, moving on to server ftp…  Now I have to bugger with it…names…give it a test drive and there it is! Nope.  It broke.  Okay, let’s try and rebuild it.  Righty-o! Just a server drop, actually.

“Silence (Above & Beyond 21st Century Remix)” by Delerium — Sarah McLachlan Vox.  Scream it Sarah!