Everybody Loves Music?

I’m definitely not up to writing a long, serious, not-even-serious, I-sound-like-I’m-on-LSD-post.  However, now that I finally have home Stinkernet, I can stream a new song! Although, I’m so tired, even doing this will be laborious.  Even though it’s ridiculously simple.

I’m actually dumping the CD (and song) into iTunes now.  I was just listening to it.  I thought it was there! I don’t know about the rest of you people, but I’ve noticed after giving a CD another listen after years or something, you’ll say, “Oh, my what? That’s awesome! How come I didn’t like that before?

Bizarre.  Okay, moving on to server ftp…  Now I have to bugger with it…names…give it a test drive and there it is! Nope.  It broke.  Okay, let’s try and rebuild it.  Righty-o! Just a server drop, actually.

“Silence (Above & Beyond 21st Century Remix)” by Delerium — Sarah McLachlan Vox.  Scream it Sarah!

  1. Great post today thanks. I really enjoyed it very much.

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  2. Hi Writing Jobs. Thanks, I’m glad you enjoyed.

    By the way, I’ve been meaning to ask you this, should you ever show up to comment again. And so, here is my chance.

    Have you “recruited” any of my readers by promoting yourself on my blog? If you would be kind enough to share who they are, I’d really like to know. Then I could give them some extra hints, knowing some things about publishing, and being a writer too.

    Also, I must say some things about commenting here. That is because I know some things about Marketing, as well.

    My readership isn’t that large. Just look at my stats. If you insist on the viral, Internet route, my blog isn’t appropriate. It’s too small a website!

    However, if you are a real person, why not comment as who you are? You can even do it anonymously if you don’t feel comfortable. You need not do it through your business.



  3. Howly shit. Me and music are like the perfect combo. I’m mostly into experimental electronics and play all tracks that people around me can’t handle. Yes, it forces every mind into thinking mode.. Neurotypical not wanted, oe. Lot’s ‘o things I’m working on, you should check a bit of the podcast project- currently working on, named ‘TRIP.Cast.’ It’s like a mega mashed up audiotrip.. Combinations, beautifull weird, distorted, unexpected and what you wished it would sound like at some point- simultaniously…

    [audio src="http://www.mediafire.com/listen/do551x0wfuw5an7/TRIP.Cast_2013-_Episode_001-Classic_Psychosis_(by_n8wachT)-tripsit.me.mp3" /]

    or Download:
    [audio src="http://www.mediafire.com/download/do551x0wfuw5an7/TRIP.Cast_2013-_Episode_001-Classic_Psychosis_(by_n8wachT)-tripsit.me.mp3" /]


  4. Hi Owlie. You’re so fucking cute! Again, a save for later? Thank you.


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