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I just looked up and saw the deadbolt to my back door open (again!) It leads to my patio.  I’ve been madly running around to see if anything has been moved in my unit; anything has been changed.  At least when I looked outside, I didn’t see any crumpled up balls of paper from my notepad strewn around everywhere!

Does anyone remember those two nights, back to back last summer? The second night, where I was screaming profane, verbal automatisms my neighbour thought two people above him were having a huge fight? Two Complex Partials in a row? After that, I duct taped both doors of my unit to lock myself inside at night.  Does that jar your memory?

I had an appt. yesterday. The temperatures have dropped massively (thank you weather for the migraine last night–and one that’s coming on now!!!) *runs to get a triptan*

Continuing…  Did I poke my head out to check the weather? I tried to run through everything I was doing while getting dressed.  No.  If I had, I would have dressed warmer, as I was freezing when I finally did go outside! Nevertheless, I always lock it!

Since it was so cold, I turned the heat up last night.  However, since it was so hot inside, I removed my pyjama top, socks, and just slept in the bottoms and a T-shirt.  Going outside with no socks, when having a Complex Partial seizure in this weather??? I am always unconscious when I have them, I think I have a pretty high pain threshold, but that would be EXTREME!

Then, I found something.  Oh, dear.  NO! NO! NO!

Certain things must be in order in my life.  This is due to the Asperger’s.  Ironically, I can have a whack of possessions in complete disarray and all over the place, courtesy of my ADD.  I love my comorbidities.  They make managing my life just so much FUN!

What did I find that was “out of place?” My winter boots.  How did I know?

My footwear is always organized, placed straight, even, and also in a left/right position.  Just like your feet.  If there are any laces hanging out, they are tucked into the shoe, boot etc…  Prior to last night, my boots were in this position as I hadn’t worn them in a while.  What did they look like when I found them?

Bloody, hell.  No longer straight, organized and all of the above.  Basically, sideways or diagonal on the mat.  I also take my footwear off in a certain way, if I’m just using my heels to sort of kick or push them off.  I take my right off first, then my left off after.  Most certainly these days, with the epilepsy issues.  My right leg is the weakest.  The Simple partial motor seizures nail it more than my left.

My brain’s slightly “unbalanced.”  Sorry.  Bad epilepsy joke.

Well, the boots were not in the correct position as to how I would take them off.  They were reversed.  They were also remaining in a position that looked like someone had just taken them off–heel to toe.  Crap.  I would never have them just sit there like that! It would drive my positively bonkers! It also explains why my feet didn’t get frostbite?

I have a “theory” regarding Complex Partial seizures.  If they happen in an environment you already know, even if unconscious, you can still be “aware.”  It’s like me putting on my boots to go outside.  It’s also similar as to why I didn’t leap over my patio, that’s about 2-3 storeys above the ground.  However, this is only a “theory.”  It could be a load of garbage.

So, I’m DEFINITELY NOT saying that people shouldn’t be kept safe, and away from any possible dangers–even if they ARE familiar with any surroundings.  Just gently guide them away from anything potentially, or certainly injurious.  Also, remember that just about everyone who has a Complex Partial is unconscious.  They won’t respond to anything.  Except perhaps one thing.

NEVER, NEVER, NEVER  provoke them in any way!!! Push, shove, grab, scream…anything that can cause a stir with them.  People with Complex Partials (and people with epilepsy period) can very sadly be perceived as a person drunk, on drugs etc…  But someone having a Complex Partial is not violent.  Yet, they can become so if provoked.  It happened to me once when unconscious and after I heard what I’d done? I wanted to crawl into a hole and stay there forever!

How many posts have I made like these? I haven’t forgotten you! I won’t forget anyone else who comments! I’ve just been really, really sick.  I’m not ignoring anyone!

Lately, a bit on Twitter.  Oh, right! Hang on Twitter and Blog Followers too! You haven’t been forgotten for me to read, either!

It’s just been weeks.  I just wrote one very important email and now I think that’s it.  The Energy Tank is running on fumes.  Not being on my blog is for lack of want.  No.  Not at all.

Thanks for your patience folks.

I’m back on my Biphentin!!! This probably doesn’t thrill you as much as it does me.  Nonetheless, it really is important for my head and my ADD.  What is Biphentin? Well, since I mentioned ADD, it’s a med for AD(H)D.  However, there is more to this story.

Pharmacologically, it is exactly the same as Concerta.  Except for some little things like method of delivery and such, but major, mega, hugest point? They are both extended release Methylphenidate.  Yep, they’re the same damn pill.

More to the saga story.  In which direction should I pursue all of this? Alright.  Chronological is pretty much the best way, yes?

Initially, I was put on Concerta.  It worked well.  After I started, I felt like the entire world was smiling down upon me, and I had quite the bounce in my step! No wonder people find stimulants a good party drug! I have ADD though, and Concerta is an extended release dose.

I’ve forever wondered this.  Would an extended release of Methylphenidate work as well as a party drug, as opposed to Ritalin which is an immediate release of the same? ER might work better for all that student, staying up all night, stuff.  Feel free to let me know, any non-AD(H)D’ers. *laughing*

So, I ended up on 36mg of Concerta.  However, I felt like I just wasn’t getting enough out of it.  Well, this is how I ended up on Biphentin.  Concerta’s titration schedule made no sense.  Or at least it didn’t then.  The 27mg dose wasn’t available when I needed a “boost.”

Concerta started at 18mg increasing by 9mg until it reached 36mg.  Then, the nice and even 9mgs stopped.  From 36mg, it doubled to 54mgs! The pills could not be split.  So, what to do?

54mg was a total bust elsewhere.  I’m tiny.  Despite the fact that I had no side effects, some drugs need to be prescribed appropriately due to your present state, and other certain things–not just underlying, pre-existing conditions.  A big issue for stimulants is losing weight.  Even though I hadn’t lost weight, Merlin #2 said I was too small.  I did agree, somewhat.  Not so much for my body, but for my brain.  54mgs might have made it blow up.

His solution? Biphentin! Why? Proper titration schedule! 10mgs all the way up to 80mgs! PERFECT! So, I skipped up to 40mg of that, and got an extra 4mg.  Could that have really made a difference? Why not? The lower Concerta doses were 9mg.  So I got roughly half?

When I got laid off, I had to say goodbye to my Biphentin.  Back to Concerta.  Total Bummer.  I was on Government Assistance, and apparently they wouldn’t cover Biphentin.  ARGH!!! But now? They’ve finally gotten their heads out of their asses, and it’s in the Formulary!

I took my first pill today! I’m not sure if I feel the entire world is smiling down upon me, and I have a bounce in my step (actually, I think I do.)  Although, I am a bit giddy.  A bit? It won’t last, but how often can a med titration make you feel good, as opposed to help me I’m going to die!

For me, it’s only with my stims! Go Biphentin! Party On! Where are those non-AD(H)D’ers taking them now! Let’s get going and have some fun!!!*

*NOTE: PA does not, in any way, advocate the use of prescription drugs by anyone, other than the person who has been prescribed said drug.  Right now, she just really wants to have some fun, because she IS feelin’ goooood…  Who cares if it isn’t “real.”  WHOO HOO!!!

Oh, holy shit.  I knew it as soon as I saw it.

I’d just come out of the bathroom, rounded the corner, and I saw one of my neighbours (sweet guy) drop like a tonne of bricks to the floor! Right off his stool at the bar!

I tossed my cane across the room and started ripping off my clothes to try and cushion his head.  Tears were streaming from his eyes and he was drooling a bit.  I can drool when I seize too.

He regained consciousness within less than a minute.  Dr. PA knew what that meant too.  She has those types of seizures, as well.

B. (my neighbour) was totally downplaying it.  He didn’t want anyone to know.  I whispered to him a few questions.  Do you have epilepsy? Are you on meds? Are you seeing a Neurologist? He said yes to all three.

Despite his “excuse” of “just choking” I wouldn’t let things go.  No bloody way! A quick exam of his head.  Does it hurt here, here, here? He wasn’t budging.  Then, I saw his ear already turning purple.  It was on the same side where his head took the direct impact.  I told him to start icing immediately when he got home, and how long on/off.  He’s gone now.

I told him it was really important to start icing quickly.  That was because of the really vast bruising to the soft tissue of the ear.  It happened almost too fast! With something like that, the location of the head could have suffered more serious injury.  Thus, it needed fast treatment also.  You don’t want to piss around with head injuries.  Dr. PA has had enough of them!

We went outside so we could talk in private.  I told him at first I thought it was a tonic-clonic, but since he came around so fast, it was probably an Atonic.  Talk to your Neurologist and tell him what happened, you discussed it with a girl who has epilepsy and has those types of seizures, too.

I asked him about his meds and more, but I think he really had his bell rung as he was a bit confused.  Not good.

I also told him to call me if he felt sick in any way, or just to let me know how he was doing.  If he doesn’t, you can be damn sure Dr. PA will be making a follow up by calling him!

‘Geez.  One guy who was freaking out and didn’t know what to do just thanked me for being here! He’s still shaking.  I told him that what he’s experiencing is a totally normal reaction.  And you’re welcome I was here?

My chest is still burning.  I’m not even at home as I (or IT!) made me have to evacuate my own apartment! Never have I run into such a toxic bathroom cleanser.  I’m still stunned.

I needed to take a bath today.  If you can’t remember how long it was since you had your last, then you’re probably due.  However, my bathtub hadn’t been cleaned itself in a while.  So, let’s try this new one as I was concerned about a bit of mold and mildew.

I’m allergic to mold and other environmental allergies.  I’ve also had on again/off again diagnoses of asthma.  I do have a Ventolin/Salbutamol puffer from a year ago.  I think I’m going to ask for a new one.  I also sleep in medical procedure masks when I’m feeling pretty icky.

Icky? I would have paid anything for a HAZMAT suit when things quickly became completely out of control.  I had no idea! I didn’t bother to read the “Warnings and Precautions!” The problem was there.  And to call “Poison Control?” Huh?

Breathing.  OMG.  I had the fan on, windows open.  Nothing mattered.  So, a quick bath (hoping it wouldn’t give me fourth degree burns!) My skin is alright.  Not to worry, there.

I threw some clothes on and dashed outside with some tea and a book.  I don’t know how long I was outside.  When I went back in, I could still smell it! Goodbye, apartment! I gotta get out! Somewhere! Anywhere!

If it’s still a disaster when I get home, I could call “Poison Control” as they suggested.  If they can help me out, much appreciated.  After that, help for me or not, I’m going to ask them if they have the number for the CDC.  If that’s a negative, I’ll just email the CDC on my own, from the sidewalk, the middle of a parking lot, or some place where I can get uncontaminated air.

Wait.  Look at the world! There is NO place to find “uncontaminated” air! Well, anything will be better than my apartment!

Wait, once again, people.  Did any of you catch the irony up there? The cleanser was supposed to get rid of mold and mildew.  What did I say I was allergic to? *shakes head*