My chest is still burning.  I’m not even at home as I (or IT!) made me have to evacuate my own apartment! Never have I run into such a toxic bathroom cleanser.  I’m still stunned.

I needed to take a bath today.  If you can’t remember how long it was since you had your last, then you’re probably due.  However, my bathtub hadn’t been cleaned itself in a while.  So, let’s try this new one as I was concerned about a bit of mold and mildew.

I’m allergic to mold and other environmental allergies.  I’ve also had on again/off again diagnoses of asthma.  I do have a Ventolin/Salbutamol puffer from a year ago.  I think I’m going to ask for a new one.  I also sleep in medical procedure masks when I’m feeling pretty icky.

Icky? I would have paid anything for a HAZMAT suit when things quickly became completely out of control.  I had no idea! I didn’t bother to read the “Warnings and Precautions!” The problem was there.  And to call “Poison Control?” Huh?

Breathing.  OMG.  I had the fan on, windows open.  Nothing mattered.  So, a quick bath (hoping it wouldn’t give me fourth degree burns!) My skin is alright.  Not to worry, there.

I threw some clothes on and dashed outside with some tea and a book.  I don’t know how long I was outside.  When I went back in, I could still smell it! Goodbye, apartment! I gotta get out! Somewhere! Anywhere!

If it’s still a disaster when I get home, I could call “Poison Control” as they suggested.  If they can help me out, much appreciated.  After that, help for me or not, I’m going to ask them if they have the number for the CDC.  If that’s a negative, I’ll just email the CDC on my own, from the sidewalk, the middle of a parking lot, or some place where I can get uncontaminated air.

Wait.  Look at the world! There is NO place to find “uncontaminated” air! Well, anything will be better than my apartment!

Wait, once again, people.  Did any of you catch the irony up there? The cleanser was supposed to get rid of mold and mildew.  What did I say I was allergic to? *shakes head*


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