Dr. PA! Straight to Emerg! STAT!

Oh, holy shit.  I knew it as soon as I saw it.

I’d just come out of the bathroom, rounded the corner, and I saw one of my neighbours (sweet guy) drop like a tonne of bricks to the floor! Right off his stool at the bar!

I tossed my cane across the room and started ripping off my clothes to try and cushion his head.  Tears were streaming from his eyes and he was drooling a bit.  I can drool when I seize too.

He regained consciousness within less than a minute.  Dr. PA knew what that meant too.  She has those types of seizures, as well.

B. (my neighbour) was totally downplaying it.  He didn’t want anyone to know.  I whispered to him a few questions.  Do you have epilepsy? Are you on meds? Are you seeing a Neurologist? He said yes to all three.

Despite his “excuse” of “just choking” I wouldn’t let things go.  No bloody way! A quick exam of his head.  Does it hurt here, here, here? He wasn’t budging.  Then, I saw his ear already turning purple.  It was on the same side where his head took the direct impact.  I told him to start icing immediately when he got home, and how long on/off.  He’s gone now.

I told him it was really important to start icing quickly.  That was because of the really vast bruising to the soft tissue of the ear.  It happened almost too fast! With something like that, the location of the head could have suffered more serious injury.  Thus, it needed fast treatment also.  You don’t want to piss around with head injuries.  Dr. PA has had enough of them!

We went outside so we could talk in private.  I told him at first I thought it was a tonic-clonic, but since he came around so fast, it was probably an Atonic.  Talk to your Neurologist and tell him what happened, you discussed it with a girl who has epilepsy and has those types of seizures, too.

I asked him about his meds and more, but I think he really had his bell rung as he was a bit confused.  Not good.

I also told him to call me if he felt sick in any way, or just to let me know how he was doing.  If he doesn’t, you can be damn sure Dr. PA will be making a follow up by calling him!

‘Geez.  One guy who was freaking out and didn’t know what to do just thanked me for being here! He’s still shaking.  I told him that what he’s experiencing is a totally normal reaction.  And you’re welcome I was here?


  1. Vivian

    Yikes! And well done.


  2. Hi Vivian. Nice to meet you, and thanks. Welcome to PA-Ville!

    Pats on the back. More thank you’s. Well, I was certainly in the right place at the right time! I’ve also been trained in First Aid and CPR for 20 years now.

    There was no need to call 911 and make a scene. He really was fine. Just a bump on the bean and doubtfully enough to cause a concussion. However, I should probably call him today to grill him over the events. Memory loss is a big one for a concussion.

    I can’t speak for all of us with epilepsy, but for me? I will fight tooth and nail NOT to go to the ER if/when/after I seize. I have epilepsy, I’m on meds, I have a Neurologist. Just what do you think you can do for me?

    Further, I then get the joy of rotting away to get past triage, and into the ER itself. Then, if I make it in, I get to experience more joy rotting away to see a useless doctor. Such a ridiculous escapade, when all I want to do is go home and rest, sleep.

    I’d only hit the ER if I somehow did serious physical injury. I know the signs of a concussion, so I went the next day for that. Otherwise, a broken arm, something bleeding all over, you know?


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