How many posts have I made like these? I haven’t forgotten you! I won’t forget anyone else who comments! I’ve just been really, really sick.  I’m not ignoring anyone!

Lately, a bit on Twitter.  Oh, right! Hang on Twitter and Blog Followers too! You haven’t been forgotten for me to read, either!

It’s just been weeks.  I just wrote one very important email and now I think that’s it.  The Energy Tank is running on fumes.  Not being on my blog is for lack of want.  No.  Not at all.

Thanks for your patience folks.


  1. Get well soon! (and don’t worry about replying to this one!)


  2. Hi Halfadoc. HA! I gotcha!

    You read me. You know I respond to every comment/person individually! You were the last one and despite becoming sicker, I made it. I even wrote a post I was so fired up. AND…I went to you! *sticks tongue out*

    Sick? Sicker? Well, if you read the post, migraine last night and another hit while I was writing it. Prior sick?

    JUST as was finishing up with another round of TASE ickiness, I caught some really ugly gastro infection! This is Day 7 of it! However, in reading all of my glorious notes, I may have been a bit symptomatic before? Crazy gestation period? A couple of pistols until the cannons could get loaded?

    My feeling regarding infections is this. If I can’t beat it within 7-10 days, it’s bacterial; not viral.

    I’m not sure if I’m making progress or not. I think so as the pain may have lessened a bit. But my gut is a mess from the migraine! Which was also the case if I was symptomatic during my TASE interval.

    My temperature has only gone up to about 100 degrees…ooop! Now it looks like I’m working my way close to 101!

    That’s okay. Fever GOOOD!!! Let’s turn me on like a wee PA oven! That means I’m finally (hopefully?) starting to kick this thing’s ass!

    I’ll send the email I mentioned later. I should probably resty resty.

    Talk soon

    NOTE: Message from Dr. PA to Halfadoc. Triptan known as Frova (not Dr. PAs normal triptan–Maxalt) causes an infrequent side effect of taste perversion. When Dr. PA drinks water, it tastes like sugar has been added.


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