Uh, yeah.  Me again.  Sorry to keep you still waiting.  If you’re at all frustrated, you have NO idea how much I am!

I just checked my temperature and that’s what it is.  103 degrees.  I think that means I’m pretty sick.  It’s been over two weeks.  Well, two weeks until I got the antibiotics.

The antibiotics (that severely dope me up) may be finally, giving me some relief for the gut, but another problem.  I woke up yesterday feeling like an ice pick was continually being stabbed into my right ear.  I thought Sharon Stone had gone mad and was stalking me like I was Michael Douglas.  God.  If I had to be stalked as a celebrity, could I at least be an attractive one?

Ear infections are very serious for me.  Huge history as a kid, but in 1999, I had an infection in the same one that blew my ear drum apart.  Forget the pain of an ice pick.  That was nothing.  Forget hearing, too.  Once finally treated, they were so worried about hearing loss, testing ordered for that.  I can hear.  I think?

Now I have antibiotic drops for my ear.  Helping a bit.  Not so ice-pickey, but sore.  More like the other end being shoved in?

So, I’m not lollygagging, kids.  Although, in some sort of delirious state, I thought I was actually going to shut down my blog.  Divine Prophecy? *smirks*


  1. sanabituranima

    *hugs* I hope you feel better soon.


  2. Hi sanabituranima. Thanks. After all has been said and done now, it wasn’t anything bacterial. Even if I thought the antibiotic was the wrong one, nope. There was also no evidence of an ear infection. The pain had subsided a bit, however.

    So, what’s happening? Where to go from here (or there?)

    Gastro? If the pain doesn’t stop, I need to go see Gastro Man and he will probably do another gastroscopy. I’m still feelin’ some pain, so I think my tummy problems may be coming back to haunt me.

    Ear? Oh, I think I’ve nailed it! Years ago, I went through such pain (and more) and to make a short story long (heh) it was suggested I go talk to my dentist–TMJ.

    Although, a problem there. I fall into so many “rare categories.” A few years ago, more problems, and as those many years prior, my dentist made a bite splint. Guess what? A “rare” number of the population using ones makes their TMJ WORSE!!!

    So, I’m going to go the cheapie route and buy a hockey mouth guard. I’m not kidding! Totally suggested for people who can’t afford the dental route. I was also referred to a Periodontist who said start with hot/cold therapy.

    So, that’s it. But I still have no clue why I was running such high fevers. *shakes head and then hugs back*


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