I Was a Bit Late For an Important Date

I couldn’t get to posting about this on the exact day.  It was May 17th!

No matter how much I think stigma busting is so important, there’s a little voice inside me whispering.  It always says the same thing regarding populations like this, and many others.  The voice says every day should be this day!

I know it is considered to be so in the hearts of these populations, and those that support them.  The worst “counter-argument” I hear a million times is, “Well, why don’t we have a Heterosexual Day? Why don’t we have a special day for being straight?” I try to keep my mouth glued shut and sit on my hands so I don’t deliver a quick blow.

It’s not so much the statement itself.  Sure! Go nuts! Have someone organize your “Straight Day” with a big parade, lots of balloons and what not.  BOOM! Your logic is flawed.  What upsets me is more the tone of how they say it.  The bubbling anger deep down inside.  The disdain, even though it might be slight and barely undetectable, it’s definitely present.

So, we have to keep hammering it into the heads of the prejudiced idiots out there.  They need to know that every human being is still a precious human being–no matter what!  That said, we do have to raise issues and draw attention to them.  The stigma has unfortunately not been busted yet.

That shouldn’t keep us from moving forward, though.  Someone has to keep speaking out.

“If it is to be, it is up to me.”

~William H. Johnsen

Strength In Numbers!

We can do this.

  1. I remember my Uncle asked me a few years ago why we need to have a Gay Pride Parade. I told him that everyday was Straight Day so it shouldn’t for us to give up one day to think about someone else other than ourselves!


  2. Hi prideinmadness. Nice to meet you as well, and welcome to PAs Pad. I’m getting a lot of new readers and commenters. That’s good, but is it bad, too? Where’d everybody else go? *scared* Just kidding. Blogging is beyond strange.

    Anyway, I try to keep it all groovy, safe, fun, and shoot it out! Within reasonable levels. I am a firm believer in Free Speech, no matter how unpalatable it may be, but my blog (and I) have its typical limits.

    That’s a good answer. I’ll take it one step further. While we’re all prancing or stomping around in our rainbow boas, black leather, stark naked, anything and everything in between, guess what?

    WE still have the capacity to think of everyone else in the entire world–NOT just ourselves! We can still think of straight people when we celebrate!

    In fact, I see A LOT of straight people at Pride Parades and they’re not just gawking out of curiosity, or picketing. No. They’re there in support. So take THAT Breeders!

    Wow. I sound like I’m getting my dander up here, don’t I? I don’t mean to as I’m not into all the political ballyhoo. Politics bore me. PTSD reason for that when growing up. Smart little Aspie girl brought out like a trained monkey to argue politics and religion after dinners. “Oh, why isn’t she such a darling and so cute.”


    Okay, WAY off track here but I’m finally getting to stuff on my blog. Not so sick, today?

    Before I leave, I will come back to what I mentioned at the beginning of this comment: a firm belief in Free Speech.

    When people criticize how people behave, and what they’re wearing (or not!) regarding Pride celebrations, think of it THIS way. It is, in fact, a Visual Version of Free Speech.


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