Archive for May 28th, 2012

And so.

We all “lose it” but how do we find it or recover it? Maybe you do; maybe you don’t. Maybe you get it back for a bit, or maybe you never do.

Excuse me while I change this song. It’s interfering with me trying to recover any semblance of that thing called a mind. Mine.

I’d really like to tell you all what’s going on. Sorry. I need a smoke now. I’ll be back. But deep parts of me wish I wouldn’t.

Okay, back now. Another seizure today. It’s been almost one year to the day I lost the most important med in my epilepsy arsenal. But you guys know all about that.

Why Sherlock’s sleeping (or even dead) is because the epilepsy is simply surface stuff. There is more boiling inside me.

And I can’t say it here. Support elsewhere? I can try, but limited supply. Thus, losing a mind.