Some Blog Administrivia:

If I’m following your blog, and then I “unfollow” it, please do NOT take offense.  I would love to follow millions of you out there, but it’s just not possible for me to do it in the shape I’m in, and the place where I am in my life.  As a matter of fact, I have several posts sitting in my Inbox from one PTSD/DID blogger.  She’s a professional, but that is not meant to diminish any “non-professional” bloggers.  PLEASE!

Nonetheless, I’m terrified to read them.  In her being a professional, sometimes her posts can just zero in on a part of your brain and…whoa.  I’m actually fighting like hell to keep my head above water with my PTSD, and even a dash of my DID Dissociative Amnesia.  Although, maybe it’s more a “Warped Dissociative Amnesia.”  Wow.  I…several years with this person and now it’s gone? Grief’s a real blast, I tell you (another reason I’m not so on the ball from time to time?)

Sorry, slight diversion into something that went a little far beyond following and deleting blogs and such.  However, more reasons why I’m more screwy than the Typical Absence Status Epilepticus (see next post) and anything else that might come along.  Moreover, why not blog that I am grieving a loss of a friend? Another one.  Again.

Well, I’ll think about that later.  Back to the matter at hand.

My blog needs a serious overhaul.  I started a long while ago in cleaning up my blogroll and barely cracked the alphabet! In a lot of ways, I use my blogroll as a subscriber service.

“Hey, there’s somebody I read! Just sitting right in front of my eyes!”

So as per the above, it’s not like I’m just dropping you or anything negative.  Far from it.

* – As per PA manufacturing details in this manual, there is no guarantee that PA will actually click on a blogger’s link.  This is due to several unfortunate but unavoidable manufacturing defects.  That stated, neither PA nor we as the manufacturers will be held responsible, should PA read any, a portion, or nothing of a blog’s material, posted therein.


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