Well, everyone has there own measurement system so I don’t know how “severe” it is.

I have an appt. to see my therapist in two days.  They are moving their office.  Being the complete dummkopf that I am, I forgot to email the good ol’ Accessible Transit folks to change it.

They’re total dummkopfs too, as I can’t make the changes myself.  Nor can I do a lot of other things myself to make things easier, but I won’t even bother to explain.

If they can’t manage it, I’ll manage it m’self.  Managing things! Oh, bloody hell.  What next! This has all transpired this morning, as well.  Just so you know.


I got a call from Sweetie GP.  I have an appt. with Gastro Man.  That “bacterial infection” I had weeks ago wasn’t really one at all.  Or, perhaps there may have been something bacterial inside to blast away, but I’m still sick.  I’m in pain.  Lots.  Sometimes it’s before bed or when I wake up.  Sometimes both.  Sometimes it won’t go away and sticks around all day.  More of my regular tummy trouble business, however: My GERD! Extremely out of control.

The other night it would not recede at all.  It was definitely the WORST night I’ve ever had with it.  What made it even MORE worse, was I had run out of milk.  That’s the ONLY thing to help put out the flames, resembling a 500 Alarm Fire.  I kept trying to sleep, hoping it would go away (yeah, right!)  And then, THE UGLIEST AND MOST PAINFUL THING HAPPENED.

As warned, this is the disgusting part.  Scroll with eyes closed until it is done, if you wish.

The gastric acid shot right up through my nose.  I thought I had sneezed huge, burning gobs of snot, that were now running down my face. I went to the bathroom to clean up the liquid that came out, and was dripping down my face a bit.  I noticed something’ in it.  I have NO clue what it was.  That was the number one, top of the list, most insane, “Hcl Snot Shooter”© I have EVER had!!!

Shooting.  Out any of my bodily orifices.  Money.

I had a tech. come by ages ago to discuss the condition of baby MacBook.  Basically, I need a new battery and it doesn’t make sense (to me) to put a new battery into a filthy compartment.  So, let’s clean baby as it’s never been cleaned before.  Also, the battery is wreaking havoc on baby, and all sorts of strange things are going on! I was getting sort of frustrated though, as I hadn’t received a quote.

I called the woman back who totally runs the show about a week ago.  No returned call but I know how busy she is, and she is very nice.  So, I called today.  If nobody knows, I’m living off the “Stoopid Guvmunt”© re: Disability.  I’m not exactly rolling in dough, but I can manage my money.  Thus, I have a “cushion.”  Still, that cushion isn’t huge.  I have to save for things I want (TRAVEL!) or emergency items that pop up.

Instead of a quote, I got a tech coming over next week to do the work.  POOF! There goes some feathers out of my cushion! It was a dollar figure I expected, but I didn’t know when I would be expected to “un-cushion” it.   On top of, my HD is bulging but leave that for now.

I think that’s it.  Until my mobile rings again, a txt, an email…anything about more freaky news! *sighs*

Oh, right.  My mobile.  I actually got “THE BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH” with a few lines of gobbledy-gook on it the other day.


Android OS.  So fuck that shit! I want a new phone! Unless it’s fucked up my SIM…or…never mind.  You guys can pick which orifice you want THAT money to rocket out of.


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