Today may have been was the day I realized the most potentially scariest point of my life. I also realized that no matter what the outcome, I had to make every day count from today forward.

If I could.

It was the most beautiful day.  So warm but not hot. No wind to disrupt the perfect moments to bask in those brief moments–the transition from spring to summer.

I pondered this idea, slowly rotating my mala bracelet (basically a Buddhist Rosary.)  I pondered what frightened me and why.

I’m still struggling but I have the greatest Blessing now.  I am no longer grieving a person I thought I had lost completely.

Some more encouragement.  A lot more.  To make every day matter. If I can.

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  1. Hi mamacarriemakes. I’m not sure if we’ve met before, but welcome to my blog. Excuse me if you’ve already been here. I just can’t remember!

    Sometimes, a single word may sum up everything. I am far too verbose.

    It is extremely hard to escape the “Big Picture.” That being, the whole of your life and/or the situation you find yourself in. I think what is key there, is to try and remove yourself from it as much as you can.

    Then, the next challenge is to remove yourself from “The Smaller Big Picture.” That is the misconception (or your own conception that you need to beat out of yourself as above) that each single day is not packaged as a group of single days. You only need to take one day at a time.

    Oh! Well! How long have we all heard that charming phrase? Yet, this is in a different context. It may not be any easier, but if you can try to grasp that context, it may be something different for your brain to grasp too.

    Another hurdle is mental illnesses that many of us have. A big hurdle there, as well. And yet again, another “Big Picture” that needs to be broken down with all of the rest.

    Take care,


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