I Have Officially Quit Smoking

I have been thinking about doing this for a while.  Now is definitely the time.  I have quit on and off several times since I started smoking, so I don’t believe I am physically addicted.

No, I believe it is a psychological issue.  Always patterns when having a cigarette that “just fit.”  Well, even that is irrelevant now, too.

I have just thrown every cigarette I have straight into the trash.  That’s it.  Now is definitely the time.  I will try not to think of why the hell I didn’t do it before!


  1. Back in 2006, after 18-years of addiction, I cleaned up using the patch, and Wellbutrin (Zyban). I went six weeks with the maximum level patch, to get beyond the point where I needed something in my hand, then ‘all’ I had to do was quit the patch.

    I was still reaching for a phantom pack until a few years ago.

    You can do it. The craving, the physical need for a cigarette, only lasts a few seconds to a couple of minutes. Once you can train yourself to get beyond that point it gets easier.


  2. GOOD FOR YOU!!!!!


  3. Hi Gabriel…. That’s interesting you took Wellby on two points. I’m wondering if it worked for you, or maybe you’re head’s just different, or something.

    Wellby’s an AD. SNRI, basically. It’s “job” was sort of B&W. One was psych usage, the other was smoking cessation. Now, I’m pretty sure I remember this being the case. You had to fall into one category or the other. Meaning, if you were mental and all of that, forget it. Smoking cessation would only work for the NT, non-loonies. In a way, this is highly plausible due to mechanism of action and all of that business, much more too.

    Second, I wonder if you’re one of the Bipolar folks who can take ADs. You know I can’t go near them or I’ll lose it. Not to mention Wellby and Effexor are the WORST for dropping your seizure threshold into an abyss, where things can get out of control for epilepsy folks.

    Thanks for your confidence, though. However, I’m going through my tea ritual and THAT is a huge one re: smoking for me. Sit, drink my tea and have a smoke. I actually got dressed to go to the the store and started walking around with money in my pocket! Before that, I was simply going to bum one from my neighbour but it didn’t look like he was home. Just one? Is that allowed? No guarantees that I might have a stupid relapse, though! UGH.

    Hi mom. Good to see you too. Thanks for your happiness and encouragement, as well. I hope I can pull it off. Indeed, maybe just a brief period to get over the hump?

    Also, I hope you’re well. It’s been a while.

    Oh, shit. My neighbour is home, think. Do I hear music? He was probably just sleeping at the time. *clenches fist and closes eyes*

    Just one? OMG.


  4. Oh, I forgot Gabriel…. Thanks for the song. And all the great, stimmy lights for wee Aspie PA!


  5. You’re welcome… hope deadmau5 didn’t cause an episode.

    When I started the Wellbutrin I actually had to sign a form promising I was using it because I was nuts, not because I was quitting smoking. Wellbutrin is covered by ODSP, Zyban isn’t.

    I was on a high dose at the time because I was just starting out, I think it was 300mgs/day. I’ve been at 150mgs/day since… 2007-ish.

    I’ve had some experience with a couple of other meds, but didn’t like the initial side effects. Other than some ‘rage issues’ when I was on the high dose (mostly throwing stuff), I’ve never had any problems with the Wellbutrin.

    Find something else to do when the urge hits. It’s going to be bad for the first few days, but just keep repeating to yourself: “I don’t smoke, I don’t smoke, I don’t smoke”.


  6. Hi again Gabriel…. *laughs* No, I am lucky enough (so far) not to have the type of Reflex seizures caused by strobes!

    Weird about the form, due to you being nuts! And speaking of, I’ll send you some other information re: availability of meds in the ODB Formulary.

    Are you still on Wellby? Anything else? I thought it was just the Lithium? Also, wonderful song as always.

    And by the way, I’m not quitting smoking. Stay tuned for next post!

    If I can type this to you now, whereas I couldn’t hardly with someone earlier, typos all over? If I can make a geeky, medical post, just taking my time as I’m still not quite “back?” Ditto with other things in my life?

    When you read it, I think you’ll get it. As odd as it may sound, I need to keep smoking!


  7. Congratulations on quitting smoking and like to say we must quit smoking to enjoy healthy and active life as smoking is injuries to health and may cause cancer, stroke, heart problems, respiratory issues and blood vessel disease.


  8. Hi Nate Dilworth. Welcome to my blog if you’re still around and reading. It’s been a while for me to get back online.

    I definitely agree with you. I have wanted to quit for quite some time, but a lot of people (even professionals) have said, “Not now! You’ve got more than enough going on in your life!”

    That wasn’t a lie or even inaccurate. These past few years have been extremely stressful. In fact, things still are? But you can’t live a 100% stress-free life. You can only hope to try and have it lessen at points.

    So, I began to feel the repeated thought and/or statement was possibly a bit of a crutch? An excuse? I’m not sure.

    I’m also not sure if you read my post about not quitting. Regarding the epilepsy? That said, I think I might need to be medically monitored to quit. I don’t need my brain exploding anymore than it already is!

    Take care,


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