Android Won’t Let Me Read My Posts and My Health Sucks

Out. No Internet connection using phone. Sounds like txt/SMS by typing. Well ok. Will b atm.

Still bitch. Nt even looking @ PA & u. Sry. V.v. sick & mad @ self. Lot 2 deal bt sry again.

Not jst seize atm. Gastro. Big probs now worse. Idk bt nt 2 scare u. Hard w/ post! Probs so long & fam hist.

Gastro 1mth. Biopsies will say? Bt if say 1 thing nt good. Trying nt 2 think of atm bt hard.

Posted from WordPress for Android

  1. Hi patientanonymous. I see you’ve come to say some thing here. What’s up?

    Well, I see the damn thing did go through via my mobile after all. I thought it didn’t and I was going to write more about what I’m feeling.

    However, I feel there is enough up there for people to digest for one day (or so.) I’ll leave the more, shall we say, affective feelings and information for a later date.

    Please excuse me for absences and intermittent communication. There is quite a lot of issue for me here. Anxiety and some feelings that I have no clue. I can’t even tell if I’m afraid. I think I am. Quite.


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