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Do “Laundry Parties” exist? Apparently so, as I found out today.

At least in some form.

My neighbour G. was pounding on my door looking for me, but then gave up. Until he found me in the laundry room of our building. The first words out of his mouth:

“Do you want some wine?”

Uh…okay. Gimme a break. Forget the “Uh…”

His mother got accepted to a Masters Program. So how did we…did we?

He was white and I was red. He was pouring. It got to a point where there was none left? Did we both kill two bottles each? When did I last do that???

Oh. Last Thursday. Well, never mind that.

Now the two of us are here at my local. Truly the term “legless” applies to me now. Bless Wonder Cane’s Brother!

I guess that’s it. My days are pretty predictable and boring being sick. This one wasn’t.

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