Been Trying to Get Back to You. Now I Gotta Go Somewhere Else?

There’s so much going on.  So much unbelievably bad stuff. My brain’s had it.  I actually did a cutting tonight (AFTER HOW LONG OF NOT DOING ONE?!?!?!) It’s a subcu and too deep for me to stitch so I’m totally fucked right off the bat there.  And don’t bitch about my suturing! That was dealt with ages ago.

I so fucking do NOT want to go inpatient.  But there is only one place I can possibly go and that means packing up my gear, lugging it there, and it’s not close.

And apart from my head…? Well…I can work the system…stitch me up and let me go home.  Done that before.  But if I can’t this time, nobody can go back to my place to get my gear.

Hey! I’m not bleeding anymore at least! I’m beyond exhausted.  I need to lie down for a while.  Goddamn hospitals are always “open.”

Try and keep you posted…I will.  But don’t worry.  Not going to top myself.


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    […] human Susan and I would like to send best wishes to Patient Anonymous who is struggling this week, we hope you will be okay and we are glad you didn’t have to be admitted to hospital. […]


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