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I tried to warn them. I did. *twitch twitch* “You have to get me out your waiting area right now.”

“We don’t have any place for you to–…” WHAM!!! Wee PA dropped like a (shaking) tonne of bricks. A wonderful motor seizure right in front of the Nursing Station. They ran to get a stretcher.

However, Todd’s paresis came along for the ride and I couldn’t get up. On nurse behind me for my upper body, another two for each leg and LIFT!

I even got the post-ictal sleepies. Very rare for me. So much, I slept two hours in ER chaos. Maybe add in exhaustion too?

Everyone was nice though. Didn’t even have blink my way out of a psych admission.

I told the doc what was going on and he agreed that’s enough to make you do this. Aces for him not being a total arsewipe

Ok. Going to try sleep now. Already sore left side of body from the hospital floor. Worsen tomorrow, no doubt.

Tell you about crap. I should. Maybe I should get to blogging.

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