101 Degrees F But Stubborn!

Within about two hours my fever shot up from 100°F to 101°F.  Which is good as it means I’m fighting this bloody thing.  It’s in my chest right now and may be moving toward my throat.  I’ve got my humidifier going and have been wearing my medical procedure masks to get some my own moisture in me. Although, my head is still all spinny since I woke up.  My stomach, too? I’m about to reach for the Gravol despite how much I don’t want to take it.  If I do, who knows how much more spinny things will become then?

I can be stubborn but only about a few things? Maybe? Things that are important and matter very much personally.  Then shit I refuse to put up with (usually dumb things like me now buying a new phone, silly irritants, like that in my immediate environment, not being able to DO things I want to do.)

So, I’m getting a new phone, but I was so STUPID I missed the closest store.  How far along was the next? I knew there was one somewhere along this main artery.  Found it! It was very far away.

I also thought I had “Super Powers” against the rain.  It wouldn’t rain when I was out.  WRONG! I was wearing a white top and a black bra.  I’m sure everyone enjoyed that little peep show.

I make it to the store but I can’t get the phone until Monday.  Fine (something about warranties.)  If I’m still sick in any form, I’ll take transit.  I took a damn cab back as was drenched and freezing.

This always happens to me.  When I push myself too hard, I tend to get sick.  I very much question the capabilities of my immune system.  Is it due to all the sickness currently, or…well, always sick as a kid.

Because you see, it wasn’t just the soaker and the long walk.  I felt fine (excusing the fact I could turn into an ice cube within seconds.)  My mobility was amazing and I loved getting the exercise! However, that is not the only thing I have done over the last couple of days–due to my being stubborn.  This was regarding my home environment.

Something in my head blew a neuronal gasket (or several) and I could no longer stand certain things I have been dying to do since a whole whack of my “stuff” went into storage.  Locked and loaded!

My bed is sacred.  If you were Catholic, you would be on your knees constantly praying on any side, the bottom, hell, anywhere near it! I needed new pillows and I had come across six that I barely kneeled in front of when I found them! Time to clean off the bed/office/closet/pharmacy and do all my linens.  I did have others to put on, nonetheless.  Just removing everything off it took about a have hour? Finally, done! Ohhhhh….sooooo gooood…

Ugh.  More laundry.  Fuck it.  I’m tired.

Next day, whoa boy.  The kitchen (and the laundry simultaneously.)  Drag this here, that there.  Try and clean dust, vacuum.  Then, an old shoe shelf.  Goddamn particle board! Will it hold together with the weight of my shoes? Wow.  PA semi-smart.

And this.  Oh, what I NEED and WANT! Waiting forever! A small, two-person, dinette.  Get that bloody table up and at least one chair! I HAVE A TABLE AND CHAIR! I can actually eat somewhere other than my bed, plus work on baby BacBook!

So, why am I so stubborn today? Comments and Twitter people!!! *evil frown*  How long has this been going on! Seriously! Since my “might-as-well-flush-it-down-the-toilet-phone” isn’t even working, I didn’t even see I had new email here!

Maybe after some more tea.  And a bit more rest.  Let’s see how high my temperature goes, too.  And how much my brain may sink into oblivion.  I’d scream in frustration so loud right now, that the entire building would hear me.  If I had the energy.

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