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If you happen to stumble upon this since it is Part II, you may want to read this first.  My mala “broke” slightly when I was taking off my jacket last night.  Its main/front bead slid right off the thread that held the entire bracelet together.

I fixed it, but obviously it would be prone to happen again.  Then, each other bead may do the same.  At that point, I would finally be left with one single piece of string that would still be far too big for my wrist.  In fact, it would be bigger than before as all the beads had fallen off!

I pondered this for a little while.  First it was the loss.  Then came the fact that it was falling apart completely.  What could it all mean?

In the above post, I suggested strongly not to act like a human earthquake, trying to find something you lost that was important to you (or other important things.)  I kept tearing my apartment to bits when I lost it.  That’s not a good way to handle things.  I also forgot to mention that I found my mala out of the blue, while adjusting a floor lamp!

What about it falling apart? That’s another way of losing it, but potentially permanently! What is all of this loss and destruction, my Buddhist mala disappearing to keep me grounded! I’m also no longer wearing it.

It means that I don’t need it.  Not that it is now a useless piece of material trash to throw in the garbage.  Of course not! It’s a Buddhist mala!

I’m doing something that I need to do right now.  It’s actually something I’ve never done before, and it’s quite daunting.  However, in order to make the process work, or to do the work I need to do, is to stay very grounded and remain in the present.  At all times. No matter how hard that may be, I have to do it! Or keep trying to do it!

No more mala? It means I’m on the right track.  The choice I made was correct.

It’s not like I’m going to become a Buddhist Nun or anything. *laughing*  Though I have taken a “Vow of Silence” one could say.  And in remaining in the present as much as I can, the present will tell me when I no longer have to remain silent.