Oh, all of you insane wonderful INSANE people that have started following my blog, giving me a “Like” on my posts etc.  I’m just trying to get around to checking you out now, but I’m facing an avalanche!

I’m Bookmarking your Blogs when I see what wonderful things you toss off (sorry, had to write that for my new UK readers!)

I’m also trying to find out if you’re on Twitter so I can follow you.  I’ve got a lot of work to do.  A lot.  Perhaps a decade or so to do it all? Maybe a bit less.

Still, thanks to all of you.  It means so much that there are so many of you out there who want to read my…

Things that I type that are worth much more less than piss and puke.


  1. Well, the ones coming from The Adventure Gamer are my fault! Sorry about that.


  2. Hi Canageek. You know I love your comments just as much as everyone else’s. Please. Show up here ALL the time. Well, when you have something to say? o.O


  3. In all the time that you’ve known me, have you ever know a time that I don’t have much to say? I should write you another GIANTTTTTTTTTTtttttttttttttttttt zillion page letter with 0 content, none at alllllllllllllll.

    What else can I say?

    Spork. Dodad. Dingbat. Fireball.


  4. Hi Canageek. Sure! Just mail me a bunch of blank, white paper. Actually, I’m running out of printer paper, so could you sent LOTS in either an 8.5×11 envelope or even a box?

    Much appreciated,


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