Oh, my! I’ve got quite a mess on my flippers right now.  First, there was the migraine on Tuesday, October 02, 2012.  That caused wee PA to cancel her therapy appointment.  Then, during her sleep on Thursday, October 04, 2012, she had a tonic-clonic seizure.  I am fairly sure we have now entered the next Typical Absence Status Epilepticus phase.  Not to mention, I feel with rather a big bang.

Right now, she is sitting at her table in the kitchen, staring at a heap of rubble she needs, and wants to do.  At least I managed to get her out of bed, where she was hiding, and actually into the kitchen.  One thing she wants to do is get to the comments on her blog.  She thinks they are excellent!

I am making more tea, but we have another problem.  It is a very serious problem.  Wee PA has only a few Gravol pills left!

We are only just starting tea.  She tried to sleep as late as possible, so we are really, and very slowly, starting our day now.

Sometimes she will improve as time moves on throughout the day.  We might be able to see if there is some Gravol at the corner store.

I just looked over to where she is.  Sorry everyone but I have to go now! Wee PA is just staring at her computer and stimming like crazy by rocking back and forth very fast.  Obviously, she is getting overloaded physically, psychologically and emotionally.  I may give her a Valium if she cannot stop or things get worse.


  1. Wishing Wee PA better health soon. I’ve been worried about her.


  2. Aspie Penguin

    Hello katm. Thank you, my dear. PA knows that you care so much about her. Most of the time she cannot even comprehend such a fact! I will pass your message on.

    I do not know what to do with her today. Does she need just another day to lie in bed? She is extremely depressed, and refusing to drink her tea. I am making some anyway. Perhaps it will help.

    She needs to finish making up a gift for someone overseas, and even though she gets so excited about sending pressies, working on it is completely unappealing, still. Again, perhaps the tea will help, and she will be able to do something, anything.

    Do you want to know what she told me when she woke up today? She said she felt like she was just marking time in prison. She was imprisoned in her mind. Nothing seemed to change for her, or interrupt the ongoing routine. If something were to do so, it would only be another hurtful and distressing event.

    I am not in her mind, of course. I can only state the facts as they stand at this point:

    She is in deep mourning over more than just one relationship now.

    Learning about, and dealing with being a womb twin survivor, is definitely proving difficult. It is getting mixed up with relationship losses and behaviours (including the three recent ones now.) She needs to take a break from that work, but when it is so tangled up in the immediate losses, it still needs to be pondered. These types of things are terrible, emotional conundrums.

    There has been a regression with the Typical Absence Status Epilepticus phase we are in now. I believe it to be mind-body related, but nonetheless, that doesn’t help.

    There could be more things, but now I need to attend to the tea, and do a sink full of dishes. We also need more fizzy water, as wee PA has a very sore tummy.

    Take care,


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