Ground Control to baby MacBook…

Folks, things might be more than a little fucked up than they usually are around here.  Since Apple nuked my OS and made it “obsolete” a lot of problems.  At this point, even my emails are disappearing! Luckily, I managed to find this out by re-reading a thread to a business contact.

I can’t believe it, but I’m actually contacting a shop I know about buying a new Mac! That is completely outrageous, because I cannot afford to pay…what? $2,000 or more while I’m living off the stoopid guvmunt?

And so.  Try to work out some sort of deal where they will sell this as a used machine–they do sell used used machines.  Then, see if they have some sort of payment plan.

It looks like we might be moving on to baby MacBook Version 3.0 from Version 2.01.  So, if I somehow miss you, I might get you through my phone at some point.  But emails are missing there too.



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