I mentioned in my last post that I kept, what was is it? Ah, “ruminating” about going to hospital.  Well, no more rumination.  Time to go!

Sweetie GP has always to me I’m smart enough to know when I needed to do it.  I guess that may be true.

Because tonight was totally ridiculous.  I’m one handed typing (and mousing) right now.  Yeah, you perverts…  Seriously, though.  Things are getting out of hand (no pun intended.)  And I didn’t want to stop pounding with just my hand!

I’ve now contacted the Co-op Manager to see if he needs to know any specific information, “should” I be admitted.  I think they’ll take one look at my hand and put me on a 72hr hold immediately! No, I know they will when they see how I’ve had to bandage it up.

It’s even more ridiculous, as prior to feeling like doing this, even really thinking about acting on it was nil.  I mean, prior to this, I was doing laundry, dishes, eating better, and then WHAM!

So for now, I’m basically a total Lefty.  I’m sort of ambidextrous you could say.  Just messy and I get tired after a while as I’m not used to using my left hand so much.   Are any of you asshole perverts still out there? Shaddup.

I’ve got someone to take care of things for my place I think.  If I don’t hear from the Manager by the time I’m ready, I’ll just bolt.  You shouldn’t have to wait on Administrivia if you’re sick.

And of course, blogging about hospital shenanigans! God, will I be into my double digits with this one? That is “if” they admit me.


  1. Morbid Insanity

    “You shouldn’t have to wait on Administrivia if you’re sick.”
    I have the same opinion. I hope you can get it.


  2. Hi Morbid Insanity. How are you doing? Welcome. I think your first comment? Bless.

    Right back at ya. And while I was there? More than enough Administrivia. Way, way, way more than enough!


  3. Morbid Insanity

    I’m not sure if it’s my 1st. Maybe the 1st comment with the new account ^_^

    I hope you have had a good time there and you’re feeling better than you were.


  4. Hi Morbid Insanity. Well, whether it’s your first, 23rd or 1,000th comment, I don’t care! It’s good to see you.

    Although 1,000 comments from someone would be cool. I don’t know if I’ve ever achieved that!

    Yes, a few nights spent and enough to clear my head and figure out what to do–find a way to keep my therapist.

    But new account? Hmmm…I knew you already?

    Thanks, hon.


  5. Morbid Insanity

    That’s good! I never knew a way to keep my therapist. I gave up already! Now I’m trying to be my own therapist, somehow!

    Yes, new account. My first was 4 or 5 years ago.

    You’re welcome! ^_^


  6. Hi Morbid Insanity. Thanks. However, you’re killing me with this new account, first years ago business! I can’t fucking find you!

    Obviously we know each other. Please email me and tell me who you are!

    I keep staring at your avatar for clues as well. I don’t need anymore stress!!!


    Will that help at all? *so confused*


  7. Morbid Insanity

    Oh, don’t need to keep the confusion in your head about it. :)
    I didn’t stop blogging for some time. I deleted my 1st account, that’s why you can’t find me. When I decided to have a new blog, I kept the same name, Morbid Insanity, but changed the avatar. I could find your blog because I still could read some old comments in the first days with the new blog, but when I tried to look for them again, to send you an email, I didn’t find them. They were completely deleted :/

    Sorry for all the confusion!


  8. Hi Morbid Insanity. I got your email. I’ve just been too messed up and crazy to get back to you. #PAsucks *laughs*


  9. Morbid Insanity

    That’s okay, no problem! I hope you’re feeling better.


  10. Thanks Morbid Insanity. I’ll get to it. I will. You’ve got a duplicate comment here for some reason as well. I’ll nuke one.


  11. Morbid Insanity

    Yes, I realized after commenting. :) It’s because of my stupid internet!


  12. Hi Morbid Insanity. Not to worry. Two words: Technology Sucks. I’ve even made it one of my Categories.


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