It’s the stupid, blogging, ping pong ball.  I answered two comments!

The (my) past has sounded so ghastly morbid, and sickeningly disgusting around here for a long time.  Things haven’t been always that way.

A lot of times we use our blogs to puke or bleed all over the screen.  An outlet.  That’s what I’ve been doing.  Constantly.  However, there have been good things going on as well.

I’ve been taking some serious time to try working on my life.  That may have resulted in me puking and bleeding all over everyone.  Just kidding.  But I’m doing it.  But it’s HARD.

When have I EVER taken time for myself? Time to TAKE CARE OF MYSELF!!! How about never? I’m even asking people for help!

I’ve actually been able do some writing lately.  An old, abandoned short story that I’m trying to revive.  I chucked it into a pile of other crap-ass “projects” I had lying around.

However, thank you to all of the luminous Stars, that are so filled to the brim with mystery in their fickle Hearts.  Those Hearts that push and push, so they hide away in the Heavens above.  These Masterful and Wondrous entities, that we beseech for the single and most ultimate.  Knowledge.  The Knowledge that only One could see with eyes so pure, they lack any colour that lies upon our lands.  Although, we must remain in remembrance.  Never forget that always, always, we must watch the cracks we step upon, upon the Air’s surface with our own fragile feet.  For there may be More of these Martyrs, with sweet and most gentlest presence to yearn for the Seeking.  To only Know with such truth, honour and sheer courage.  Those most of the Crowning Body and Mind to Know I am out of my “Purple Prose Phase.”


I tossed it aside as I was struggling with character development.  I have some more ideas now.

Gotta scoot.  Since getting sick in August, I lost a lot of weight and can fit into my “skinny clothes.”  Normally I walk around here like a bum.  Tonight, it’s time to go out to this resto and see if I can shock some people.  Hopefully I can do something decent with my hair.  I drastically need a haircut but will be wearing a wee black hat.  So tighten up and make the ends fuckin’ curl (even with half a can of styling spray!) *laughing*

  1. Debra Ellis

    As a writer to a writer never stop writing. Just thought I would tell you to keep it going and finish it


  2. Hi Debra Ellis. Another thing we have in common! I agree with you completely. Even if it is something that you end up tossing in the trash later.

    I’ve got two to send back to you. The first is a Stephen King rip-off. If you want to be a writer, never stop reading. The second I won’t say is a “rip-off” but “advice” from another blogger I know.

    Wherever you go, always try to keep a notepad and a pen with you. You never know what any of your senses will pick up and ring a bell in your head to give you inspiration.

    I forget to do that about 90% of the time when I go out. Also, my ADD makes reading very difficult at times. Gee… Maybe that’s why my writing sucks?

    However, I did get my first REAL Rejection Letter from a Publisher a while ago. W00t! My idea for years and years, ever since I started writing seriously, was to frame all of my Rejection Letters and hang them on my walls.

    I have been published, including required photography, and even got paid for a small gig. So theoretically, I am some sort of “Freelance Professional Writer and Photographer.” I also won an award of sorts, so would it be too over the top to call myself an “Award Winning Writer?”

    Yeah. Pad that bio PA.


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