I’m surprised I’m actually writing this right now.  I did the dishes and it basically sapped me of all energy.  I can’t find my brain.  If it’s still in my head, it may start seeping out my ears at any moment.  But I’m restless.  I can’t find my brain.  I’m restless.  I can’t find my brain.  I’m…

I think the only way I can actually pull off writing this is by being a total med geek.  However, after this? I might need a Valium to settle down this RESTLESSNESS!!!

First, no DT activity.  So my theory about my meds helping me getting over that and even helping me get through this could be right? How many people in detox take all of my meds! This is all going to be “theoretical.”  But look out for up-regulation PA! Does anyone have some GABA for sale? Read on…

For those of you who missed my rather “excited” Tweets last night, I got shot like a rocket into a Bipolar hypomanic spree.  Thank god it was euphoric.

Anyway, what’s happening is that there are basically five big neurotransmitters involved, as far as my withdrawal.  These would be: GABA, Glutamate, Norepinephrine, Dopamine and Serotonin.  Downregulation means this: they had raised my tolerance, but now that I’ve quit drinking, GABA has taken a huge nosedive!

Then, we have up-regulation.  That’s what was going on to raise the tolerance too.  However, while I’m in this state, they’re all still in up-regulation mode.  Situation normal (more or less?) This ties into your sympathetic nervous system being a wreck, it leads the parade of neurotoxicity…but hey! You’ll be alright!

This would precisely (well, theoretically) explain my Bipolar Euphoric Trip to the Moon last night.  I’ve got too much Serotonin in my system right now and I can’t take Antidepressants regarding my Bipolar.

Detox Day #2


  1. Debra Ellis

    I’m happy for you PA i really am. I have been 8.5-9 months with out tobacco and alcohol free so i know the feeling and tonight family started comeing in for the holidays and they brought all kinds of beverages so to speak and i had the courage to walk away. keep it up you can do it. :)


  2. Hi Debra Ellis. I’ve gotta keep a watch on my comments. This one didn’t get through.

    Thank you for your words of encouragement as well. And right back at ya.


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