Hi guys.  I’m still here! If you think I haven’t posted anymore in the series regarding any Detox problems, I’m fine.  I have been for a while.  Christmas was kind of rough, though.

At the moment, I’ve been dealing with some pretty insane (pretty?) stuff with the stoopid guvmunt and how the hell, and what on earth and trying to get what I need and…it’s been unbelievable. I’m like a lobster in a trap, and my claws are already tied up for the pot! I cant use them to try and break out of wooden slats while I’m still on the boat!

So for now, thank you for all the new comments, Twitter and Blog Follows, just everything.  Aspie Penguin sends his thanks too. However, he’s a bit busy trying to unwrap my claws with his flippers.


  1. I see you have an admirable sense of humor. I love it!


  2. Hellllooooo Barbara altman. Thank you so much. My sense of humour is/can be pretty out there. That’s just silliness! But with other things, I’m not sure if people “get it.” No, I’m whacked, and obscene, sarcastic and dry.

    Self-deprecation? Definitely at the top of the list.


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