PRE-RAMBLE: I’m out of my head.  I hope you can be patient. It’s been taking me a long while.  Midst way through I’ve only now realized I need music.

And a cigarette.

Good luck reading.  Thanks.

I think I might have mentioned this somewhere.  Twitter or a blog comment within the Detox posts.  Yes. posts, I think.







Allergies are funny (or not.)  If you have one and you’re lucky, it’ll go away.  Vanish out of thin air. If you’re just you, pick a card, any card.  Random.  Yes or no? Will you get nailed?

If you’re unlucky? You can get one.  And it could be BAD! It could move around all over the place.

There are ones that are silent, at first. They can hide and grow. Almost sitting a cave and just waiting for the right opportunity. Maybe it won’t grow if you’re exposed again.  You’ll be fine.

Or maybe it will and you’ll be fucked.

At least I’m lucky enough to not have a prior reaction to a bee sting, get stung again and go anaphylactic shock.  Yes.  That can happen.  Although I did have a minor reaction to a bee sting so I freak out if one comes near me!

If you didn’t read the Detox posts, I’ve developed an allergy or intolerance (as I wrote semantically irrelevant) to beer–or maybe something in it.  So did that mean just beer or all alcohol, together?

I started experimenting with a bit of red wine lately.  I felt okay.

Fuck.  I had some tonight and I feel SO SICK.  Just like the beer made me feel.  I want to die.  I’d barf if I could but a) I’m Emetophobic and b) my brain is too confused to comprehend throwing up, and if you can believe it c) my gastro system is even more confused.  It has no clue how to throw up at all.

Right now, I have taken no meds to try and treat this.

More exposure.  To an allergen or whatever you wish.  I don’t think I can ever drink again.

God, now I have to figure out what to do with myself! *laughing* Gravol! Ibuprophen! Meds! Valium! LOADS OF WATER!!! 

Anything and everything in the arsenal.  Stop typing.  Enough computer screen.

Okay, now. Med-in-di-cation. I’ve shoved everything down my throat.  I even poured enough water to do it, I spilled it all over myself! I have one more pill in reserve.  My Valium that is a bid prn.  You can bet your ass I’m going to use it after trying to chill with some music.

In some way, I kind of had a feeling that this would be this case. I’ll call it Bad Karma for now?

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