Yes, I’m an arsey, little twat but I’m stubborn until I can get answers! And I got it.  I knew it all along since how a “particular” liquor is made and its contents.


No, it was always in the back of my mind.  And tonight I pushed it.  No, I really did.  Arsey, little, stubborn twat.  But I do want to figure this out and make sure of what’s going on before I see Sweetie GP.  Is that just a pathetic excuse or actually valid?

Right now I feel about as sober as a judge who in way days back forgot to put on those dusty, white wigs.  Today? I feel about as sober as a judge who forgot to put their pants on.

But I don’t feel sick!

However, that does not to mean I’m going to start running around like a mad woman chugging back vodka all over the place.  Even if it may not look it, I do consider it a matter of my health.  Just what is going on here that never happened before?

So I’ll try to get more on the ball with more intelligent posts, all of you Twitter gangs and comments and yeah? When I’m more sober. *laughing quite a lot*

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