I would like to say something about the prior and original post (obviously Part I.)  That may seem very obvious to you.  However, a lot of times I have to work very hard to make things obvious to me.

The post appeared on my blog on Monday, January 13, 2013. And for those of you who are curious, we only have 28 days in February this year.  Not a “Leap Year” as it is referred to.

Yes.  I know.  Someone once bestowed upon me this Royal Title: “The Queen of Non Sequiturs.”  I am the Queen of many other things as well.  Just not any of the four in a deck of cards.

Moving on, I chose to add my Category of “Asperger’s” to it.  That was because it was supposed to be funny; just like I added my “Humour” Category as well.

In no way did I mean to suggest that people with Asperger’s or anyone else on the Spectrum sit around looking like I do in that photograph.  People with Asperger’s, and those that lie anywhere on the Spectrum, are capable of doing many wonderful things. Instead of looking like that.

Maybe that’s just how I look a lot of the time.

I do have a lot of facial stims and funky behaviour there.  I am extremely fond of putting pens in my mouth while working on baby MacBook or anything else where I need them simultaneously. I keep such a hard grip on them, it would appear I’m going to chomp off its middle third. Then, I would shove it straight into my mouth and eat it ravenously. I would look exactly like a lion, who’s finally found its prey after a month.

I won’t bother getting into other things I do with my face, involving my hands, and sometimes even not! I’ll get a certain prompt and… Hey, maybe a good blog post later. Oops.  My writing served as a prompt and kind of brought “The Queen” back.

Nonetheless, I apologize to any of us, all of us, on the Spectrum.  I in no way meant to portray you as completely and totally mindless idiots.  I only meant to portray myself as one–because I truly am.

Most sincerely,
“The Queen of Completely and Totally Mindless Idiots.”
Also, “The Queen of Bizarre and Twisted Humour.”
And much, much more.

  1. Hey… I’m leaving a comment :P


  2. Mico Ricco

    sharing a news :-



  3. Hi Linda Rae. Thank you. When I saw this earlier, it made me very happy.

    Hi Mico Ricco. Thanks for the link. Pleased to meet you and welcome to my blog.

    I so rarely edit my Commenter’s comments, but I am afraid I had to edit your link. This is for Spam reasons.

    However, I see the article that I believe you would like to reference and share. The young gentleman with Asperger’s. If people would like to read it, they can type in the full url into their browsers.

    Take care,


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