I was going to write this earlier today.  SNAOK? Can you figure that one out? Yes, you can.  You are all smart.

I want to try and keep things as stable(?) and functional(?) as much as I can around here as possible.  The same goes for Twitter, too. That is until I might completely lose my entire mind and body simultaneously.  This is all regarding the post I wrote yesterday.

The nightmare has begun.

I kept inserting that in the post between pieces of information.  I am not lying.  It is and will be a nightmare.  Worse, actually?

Perhaps I’ll get lucky and it will be a brief nightmare.  I’ll wake up so scared that I’ve pissed and shit my pyjamas, but it’s alright. I’ve got my Clobazam back.  Clothes can always be washed.

However, has the nightmare begun with something else? Mind-Body Connection?

I am presumably within the next Typical Absence Status Epilepticus phase–my body is speaking to me.

This always happens.  I feel better when I wake up and get going. But I then deteriorate as the day goes on.  The stress of this made something funny happen, I think.  Well, curiously, oddly funny.

I was talking to a friend who is going to help me with grocery shopping today (how the hell am I gonna manage…) At first, I was speaking alright.  But as I continued, I started to become almost incoherent.  At some points I could barely speak at all!

He’s the first person who has EVER been a witness to how quickly things change when I get sick.  And that was nothing! That was just me talking! Not even close to everything else that goes on! Moreover, I haven’t even lost the med (yet?) That was just the stress “talking.”


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