How to Make PA Go Insane in Two Days

I have a writing assignment.  A lot of negotiating and back and forth over the last two days.  I WIN!!!

Meaning: I get what I write published the way I want it to be.  As well as the way the publisher wishes on their side.  That’s fine.  As long as my words stay in tact, I’m a Happy Little Writery PA.

However, I didn’t win 100%.  Nobody ever does.  With anything. Ever.  In life.

What I have to write about is 1,000,000,000,000,000 words long. I was told a 400 word count. *huge head desk*  No way.  Unhappy Little Writery PA!

Minor Win! I can write over 400 words! But they never gave me another number.  Confused Little Writery PA… *head spinning*

Major Loss!!! I’ve got about two weeks to put these 1,000,000,000,000,000 words into something not too far over 400 words. I also have to toss in some major, heavy handed “ATTACKS(!)” on The System.  Oh, boy.  More than I initially thought.

I haven’t even started.  Tomorrow I’ll begin my basic research and framework.  Exhausted Little Writery PA.

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