Archive for February 23rd, 2013

Hi.  I’ve just been trying to “exercise” my brain but I think I rode the bike too far.

I was trying to go through A LOT of Twitter follows.  I had to stop at this month.  The emails went all the way back to December.

I was seeing stars not just from where I’d starred the actual emails, but from waaaayyyy beyond! I was also longing for one single button to click on, to just follow everybody!

Some of you weren’t there or dropped me or whatnot, so if you still want me, come knocking on my door.

Comments here? Uh, sorry there.  Twitter was more of a robotic task.  No writing.  Except this?

However, I have been trying to write.  Absurdly, so.

It’s too bad my brain is THIS screwed up by my insane epilepsy at this time–note stupid head injury making things even worse.

Maybe if it was a little less screwed, I could come up with some really funky stuff! Like craaaayyyyzzzzyyyy stuff.  Oh.  But with a lot of spelign mytsaeks.

I often think I am the reincarnation of Dostoyevsky, only in female form at times like this.

Except he produced so much of his greatest work while having his seizures (but unfortunately paid dearly in pain afterward.)

I never seem to be able to do shit.