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I have just realized something.  Something that I think is quite important–for me at least.

It has dawned upon me mostly regarding my asinine behaviour on Twitter so many times, but also on my blog.  However, I will give myself (and my blog) some leeway.  My blog can serve as slightly more of a platform for me to rant about my life.

I hear all of your voices ringing in my ears, “Wait, PA.  No! It’s fine to rant or say whatever you want on Twitter!”

In return, I now say, “Wait, everyone.  Please hear me out.  Let me illustrate how asinine it is talking about things, when you should remain silent!”

A few days ago, it was my birthday.  DO NOT SAY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

Birthdays are not always so good for me.  This year’s was quite brutal and left me in a wee ball of PTSD for most of the day and the entire night.  I did not want to speak to ANYONE about it.  The simplest of many reasons, is that I did not wish to burst out into more tears than had already been shed.

I could have hopped onto Twitter and mentioned it, how upset I was, but WHY??? I already didn’t want to talk to a single soul! Mentioning it would have been absolutely counterintuitive and counterproductive!

And thus ends my “lesson” if you will.

Sometimes I should be quiet and just keep things to myself.  Most definitely if they are extremely personal and incredibly painful. These types of issues, these ones that only I can work through to somehow try and get out of a labyrinth of hell!

Freely and openly talking about them has a strong capacity to make things worse.  The best I can hope for is to talk to someone I deeply trust and can understand (a lot of hope in finding that!)

At least I don’t have to hope too hard regarding my extremely understanding Therapist.  However, Therapists aren’t on call 24/7 to be there when you’re in crisis.

PA, over and out.