If You Haven’t Got Anything Nice to Say, Then Don’t Say Anything At All

I have just realized something.  Something that I think is quite important–for me at least.

It has dawned upon me mostly regarding my asinine behaviour on Twitter so many times, but also on my blog.  However, I will give myself (and my blog) some leeway.  My blog can serve as slightly more of a platform for me to rant about my life.

I hear all of your voices ringing in my ears, “Wait, PA.  No! It’s fine to rant or say whatever you want on Twitter!”

In return, I now say, “Wait, everyone.  Please hear me out.  Let me illustrate how asinine it is talking about things, when you should remain silent!”

A few days ago, it was my birthday.  DO NOT SAY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

Birthdays are not always so good for me.  This year’s was quite brutal and left me in a wee ball of PTSD for most of the day and the entire night.  I did not want to speak to ANYONE about it.  The simplest of many reasons, is that I did not wish to burst out into more tears than had already been shed.

I could have hopped onto Twitter and mentioned it, how upset I was, but WHY??? I already didn’t want to talk to a single soul! Mentioning it would have been absolutely counterintuitive and counterproductive!

And thus ends my “lesson” if you will.

Sometimes I should be quiet and just keep things to myself.  Most definitely if they are extremely personal and incredibly painful. These types of issues, these ones that only I can work through to somehow try and get out of a labyrinth of hell!

Freely and openly talking about them has a strong capacity to make things worse.  The best I can hope for is to talk to someone I deeply trust and can understand (a lot of hope in finding that!)

At least I don’t have to hope too hard regarding my extremely understanding Therapist.  However, Therapists aren’t on call 24/7 to be there when you’re in crisis.

PA, over and out.

  1. Happy birthday…. Oops


  2. Hi Matt. You little twat!

    Nice to see that some things never change. Do you remember this priceless gem?


    It’s also priceless, because in the spring of 2007, it seems I had not yet grasped the knowledge of using proper paragraph spacing. *ponders* Maybe even proper grammar all around?

    Perhaps I was extremely nervous and riddled with anxiety. After all, it was just barely the fifth month into the making of this blog! I felt like a total arse for starting it anyway!

    NOTE: To save anyone who dislikes RuPaul, if you bother to read the above link, the YouTube is gone. You are safe.

    Love you to bits sweetie. I miss you SO much too. Say, “Hi” to Aikaterine from me as well.

    I swear, once I can (hopefully!) get my health in order, I’ll be flying right down to see you guys! It will be glorious and we’ll have SOOOOOOOO much fun!!!

    Hugs and kisses to you both,


  3. Do I remember anything beyond 5 minutes ago?

    Hope your birthday was good. Here is Aik to say hi…

    Happy Birthday! I would love for you to visit… anytime. Hugs.


  4. Hi gloomferret *laughs*

    That’s right. I must have forgotten (groan…) that sweet and endearing little quality of yours…

    Hey Aik! So good to say at least a virtual “Hi!” Thank you for the birthday wishes as well.

    Oh, I do want to come SO bad! Well, DUH.

    *hugs and kisses to you both*


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