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An epilepsy first.  Never have I experienced any recognizable injuries to my body, other than bonks on my bean.

Let’s start with my elbow.  I don’t even remember when the injury happened, but it’s been weeks ago now! More than a month? As they say: if you can’t remember, it’s been a long time.  I suppose I could look in my journal and find the last time I ended up on the floor with a tonic-clonic?

Direct impact.  I can remember that.  It hurt so goddamn much and compared to my other one, completely apparent it had suffered a real blow.

Well, I’ve fallen all over hitting so many hard surfaces when seizing! I just ignored it and figured it would heal on its own.  I was still ignoring it when I went to see my GP recently (or it just never occurred to me as so much else was going on.)  I never told her.

Skip the hard surfaces (literally.)  Picture this.  I’ll be lying down on my bed reading, sending someone an email on my mobile or something and…OUCH!!! Direct pressure on a mattress immediately makes my elbow extremely sore! So much, I have to stop entirely what I’m doing, and somehow try and stretch it out to rest it with no pressure on it.

Another picture this.  Try to visualize how I can do that? I have to twist my arm around like some kind of spastic contortionist! It also has to remain straight as I have problems with flexion.  Don’t bend it! I looked at it last night and I swear there was swelling after pain, pain, pain! There’s also a dark, red ring around the entire bone.  I see.

But my foot? Oh, my elbow is nothing compared to my foot!  And in tracing back by how bizarre it looked (even though seemingly innocuous at the time) I know what happened.  A tonic-clonic in my sleep–which when I awoke, I couldn’t believe how bizarre its havoc looked!

My right foot has a massive bruise on it, nearly covering its entire top! Tell me readers.  How on earth could I bruise the entire top of my foot and not remember it? How on earth could I even do it period???

That tonic-clonic.  I must have really been going at it like crazy! Every single thing on my bed was all on the other side from where I was sleeping.  Guess what else was else was on my bed within “kickable” distance? baby MacBook.  Thrashing away at such a hard object might explain some things?

Some things.  As I said, no big deal.  The bruise hurt but all bruises hurt! A dormant, hidey-in-the-footy-injury? And it (or both) might be pretty serious? I don’t know.  What I DO know is that my GP wants to see me tomorrow after hours when the office is closed! 

I think that means ASAP.  I’m just trying to get a ride with Accessible Transit because it’s such a late booking!!! My GP and Admin. (god I loooooooove them!) are holding the appt.  If not tomorrow, then Wednesday.

Because now I can’t walk, you see.  PAIN! Way more pain with flexion than my elbow.  My ankle, even my toes.  I’ve wrapped myself up in a tensor bandage and I’m trying to walk as gingerly as possible.  With a sandal.  Forget about a sock or shoe! I don’t think I’m at the point of needing two canes.  Hopefully I won’t get there!

I have yet to figure out how I will keep my foot warm for going outside to travel.  Tape a blanket around my foot and upper leg? That would probably work.

So, what brought out the dormant, hidey-in-the-footy-injury? *looks out window and sighs*

I went out to a concert on Saturday night! I haven’t dressed up in ages and I was thrilled to do it! I even wore heels!!!