It’s Mating Season! And It’s Awesome!

I just had to run inside and grab baby MacBook as this is way too cool.  I couldn’t wait to write it later.

The weather’s been fantastic the last two days so I’ve gone out to sit on my patio to read and/or do some writing.  I only end up stopping and set whatever I’m doing in my lap.  I can’t take my eyes off what I’m seeing.  And I don’t even need binoculars!

My patio stretches the entire length of my floor.  Everyone else above has only small balconies.  We all stick to our own spaces unless we chat with neighbours in theirs.  For this? My spot is the best! There’s a tree growing directly in front of my door–well, not literally! *laughing* But you get it.

The birds! And they don’t even give a shit! Well, one did.  All over my door! *laughs again*  What I mean to say is, they come up so close to me and completely ignore my presence.  Why? They just want to get laid!!!

I don’t know anything about birds, what kind they are, except the really obvious: Robins, Blue Jays, Cardinals, Parrots, Toucans…

Yesterday, there were these two little brown ones and they were rolling around all over each other! Talk about Dirty Bird P0rn! More interestingly though, was a black female of some type picking up all sorts of twigs and things clearly to build a nest.  I kept trying to look up to see where it was but she was flying back and forth too fast.  Well today, I found out where it is–and exactly where I figured it was.

From her direction of flight back and forth, someone’s balcony. The person above me has a big hole lacking the proper fitting for their outside light.  Granted, I had some help.  From Daddy?

WOW! If he wasn’t “Daddy” yet? Boy, did he WANT to be! I’ve been sitting here for several hours now, and (presumed) “Daddy” has been almost screaming: “I’m so fucking horny! Where the hell ARE you WOMAN!!!”

I could also tell he was serious “Daddy” material.  When close enough, I could see his colour differences (males are always more “pretty”–or somehow different–than females to attract and sometimes even compete within all species.)  Except for HUMANS! Oh, god no!

From a further distance, he was preening like nuts, spreading his wings out all over and puffing his chest out so much, it looked like it was going to burst!

ASIDE: Oh, bugger! It looks like it’s going to start raining! Don’t make me have to go inside!!!

So I watched “Daddy” fly around a bit, sit in the tree.  He was still screaming like crazy.  Then he flew down to the ground not far from me.  He picked up a green leaf from a weed growing out of the brick and flew directly up to the nest.  I don’t think that was a gift of courtship.  My guess is he’s helping to pad the nest? He’s also trying to figure out where his damn wife is!

“Goddammit, Woman! Aren’t you back from shopping YET??? Do I have to do this ALL BY MYSELF???”

I look forward to seeing more of this stuff going on.  Absolutely! I also look forward to seeing the babies as they’re just above me.

Maybe I’ll even get lucky to have an egg fall down far enough over the person’s balcony.  I’ve collected Robin’s Eggs all my life so I know what colour they are! I want one of these ones though! I wonder what colour they’ll be.

Try to pay attention to Nature as much as you can.  It can be excellent therapy or simply make you feel good and really happy.


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