PA non grata.  As always these days.  Alright, that isn’t exactly correct.  I don’t think anyone out there would say, “PA isn’t welcome here.”

Except me? PA hasn’t been on the radar in a while.  Apologies.

I’m in trouble.  To keep it short, it looks like the stupid, fucking loss of the bloody Clobazam TWO YEARS AGO is now messing with my Bipolar.  Hell, it could have been all along right from the start!

However, now it’s REALLY coming out! And so is my awful history of Self Medication that always went along with it.

I can’t stop drinking–because of it.  Before, I was doing a pretty good job.

I went to Sweetie GP recently and she asked me if I would like to see an Addiction Counsellor.  If course my face dropped and I got all salty! Bugger that, in me ol’ bean, I’m thinkin’.  Sweetie GP is always good and we’ve got the love going on.  She told me not to force anything, just think about it.

Salty Nod!

I’m calling her.  Things are getting…out of control.  I’ve been teleported back to when I wasn’t even getting treatment or christ, diagnosed at all! I’m taking the offer of a referral to a counsellor.



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