Archive for July 24th, 2013

I accidentally emailed the Manager of my Co-Op from my blog email address. O_o  It was too bright out and I thought I WAS on my personal account.  My phone links all of my gmail addresses together.

It was WORSE than when an IP address from my former workplace showed up, immediately after I was laid off from my job (including the entire Dept. as well…)  I begged and pleaded to whomever it was to PLEASE stop reading as this was my personal space.  I write A LOT of things that are VERY personal so whoever you may be, allow me the privacy I deserve!!!

I even had rallying cries from other bloggers who came to my aid when I was just about at the point of shutting my blog down altogether! They begged as hard as I did, stating how much help and support I gave to the mental health community.  Thank you to all of you–whether you are still blogging or not!

So, Mr. Co-Op Manager.  I am hoping my email with all of my personal information ended up in your Spam Folder and you just deleted it.  I also tried to deliberately toss my email into your Spam Folder.

If that still didn’t work, here is a “personal” message: PLEASE GIVE ME THE PRIVACY AND RESPECT I AM ENTITLED TO AND DO NOT READ MY BLOG.

We have an excellent working relationship already.  If you want to know anything about me personally, just ask.  You already know I’ll tell you anything and everything!

Please don’t look for it here.

Thank you.