Talk About Incognito and Persona Non Grata!

For some strange reason, my mobile decided to stop syncing.  Everything.

Some stuff wasn’t that important. However, a few were kind useful.


OMG.  I put reminders way ahead of time for things.  Then I’ll put a reminder for the same thing a bit closer to when it’s going to happen.  Why? Because my memory barely exists and I can’t even coordinate a bowl of cereal.

I got a reminder to see one of my doctors in two days.  I never got the first one!

To hell with the cereal! Could I get a booking for Accessible Transit? So lucky.  The timing was all screwy but I didn’t care.  Just get me there!

Email.  Once I finally, finally fixed the sync? HUNDREDS kept pouring in as it cycled through all of my accounts.  I’m not joking!

There are so many because I have no clue when my mobile went on strike, “Declared Mutiny” whatever.  I hadn’t done anything mean to it!

And that’s the worst part.  The emails are all dated from… O.o

Yesterday I started to resume my fully increased dose of Lamictal.  I don’t feel sick.  Oh, no.  I feel just fine.

Also, there’s something going on in non-PA Land that is extremely important.  It requires the majority of her time and priorities.  Sorry PA Land, but priorities?

Priorities.  Oh, maybe let those hundreds of emails wait too?

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  1. Remember to take care of PA. Stubborn phones. Sometimes tech is more trouble than it works.


  2. Hi katm. Good to see you. No, great!

    My tech woes just got worse. That mobile up there? It died. Completely. $500.00 I don’t have for a new one.

    I’m so tired right now. I don’t know if I even posted about it.



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